Tips on Shedding Weight

We all struggled at some aspects in regard to fitness. No one is perfect naturally! So there’s always something that we can work on. I’d like to explain how to solve losing weight and becoming fit. We all have different types of bodies we are looking to have one day; some of us are a little heavier and want to lose weight while some of us are toned but still want to lose weight or vice versa. My goal is to solve the problem “losing weight realistically”.

The number one thing any nutritionist or trainer will tell you is to stay active at all times. This means even if you go to the gym everyday, it’s still good to do home workouts in between our extremely busy schedules. This may seem like a tough task, however it really doesn’t take long. If you get a great workout at the gym, all you need is to do a few push-ups at home and maybe some sit-ups. It’s always important to keep active throughout the day. Home workouts can even be walking the treadmill while doing school work or analyzing work material. Walking outside at night is also a great way to stay active. Any extra exercise you do outside of the gym is extremely important. You want to avoid having a great workout, than resorting to laying on the couch the rest of the day and eating junk food. Staying healthy and fit involves many different things to be done, if you lack in one area, you’re hurting the areas that you’re doing well in. For example, if you’re trying to lose weight, getting home from the gym and following that off by ordering pizza is not beneficial what so ever. Which leads me to my next point on losing weight.

Eating healthy is just as important as exercising because you need to have a good balance of both. Foods that one must stay away from in order to lose weight are candy, high carb foods, fatty foods in general, and too much dairy. Candy is something many of use having trouble controlling in our diet. Instead, try snacking on veggies or fruits and add something like peanut butter to them. There’s many different things we can resort to. The next food to avoid is food that is high in carbs. For those who are skinny and trying to gain weight, cabs are highly recommended because they build muscle and good fat for those who are consistently training. However, If you’re not going to the gym, this is a terrible idea because the carbs you’re putting in your body are not being burned; therefore are being stored in your body as fat carbs. I recommend staying away from too many carbs regardless even if you are working out because high carb diets are mainly for those trying gaining weight. Fatty foods are a no brainer to losing weight. You want to avoid the foods that have excessive amounts of calories.

As we all know, its hard to maintain a well balanced diet because our lives are extremely busy, and we may not have enough time to make a nice healthy meal. Another reason can simply be that we would rather choose better tasting foods that we enjoy more. The key to losing weight is to maintain a balanced meal. If you have a healthy breakfast and lunch, then maybe you can treat yourself to a nice steak dinner. However if all your meals are high calorie meals, chances are you may see some results from working out but they won’t be as significant. The last thing to make sure of for those trying to lose weight is avoiding high dairy consumption. Eating normal sized portion meals is also something that one must take into account. One can eat a healthy meal, but if they eat a portion enough for three people, you’re adding to many calories to your diet and hurting the progress. Counting carbs is a significant factor in losing weight as well. Being able to track your calorie intake is imperative because it helps you monitor your calorie intake. The foods I highly recommend eating are eggs, toast, small amounts of bacon, and oatmeal. For lunch, I recommend things like soup, sandwiches, and things of that nature that are lighter. For dinner, eating meals like salmon, chicken, fish, pasta things like that are nice dinners because they are for the most part, low carb foods. Constantly eating the same healthy foods will help you see the changes you want to see.

The last key to losing weight is being able to exercise properly. Keeping a balanced workout week is critical. Taking it slow, and working out everyday is much more beneficial than working out a few days, then taking the rest of the week off. In regards to actually working out, slow and steady wins the race! Jogging on the treadmill for an hour is better than running on it for ten minutes. The key is to burn as many calories as possible, if you can run for thirty minutes that’s great, but chances are you haven’t trained your body yet and doing that will stall your progress. As I’ve mentioned, consistency is the key and constantly jogging every day will give you the results yore looking for. Weight training is also something I recommend even though you may not care of defining your muscles. This will help you lose weight as well, considering you’re exercising different muscles groups. For those who are trying to lose weight, doing lower weight and more reps is what you’re looking to do. By doing so, you’re working your muscles out way more than you would if you were lifting heavy weights a few times. Think about it this way, you’d rather do bicep curls with a fifteen pound dumbbell and doing that twenty times rather than doing it with a fifty pound dumbbell twice. If you’re not doing many repetitions, then you’re not exerting much effort which isn’t the goal here.

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