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Ever so often, we find ourselves getting stuck when it comes to our fitness routine. This can pose a huge problem, especially if you have several more goals that need to be met. Time in the gym can become a consuming event, so you want to get the most out of every workout. But what happens when you just know that you are giving it your all?

"In addition to meeting our aggressive, enterprise-wide talent management needs and the launch of Canon Academy, Plateau’s solutions reduce resource consumption and environmental impact, allowing us to honor and fulfill our commitment to eco-responsibility.

Complex, highly distributed organizations often face unique challenges around coordinating and managing the many assets, locations or personnel required to support their training activities. Until now, they have been forced to rely on static approaches like whiteboards and spreadsheets to manage training scheduling.

Under the agreement, Plateau and QuickCompliance will combine customized HIPAA training content with an enterprise software platform that schedules, tracks, and delivers all Web-based and classroom HIPAA training.

The Service is committed to providing top-quality training for its employees, and continually strives to implement new learning technologies that will enhance its ability to deliver quality and efficient training programs.

By using Plateau 4 Learning Management System (LMS) to manage all of its classroom and Web-based training, BWXT Pantex will ensure that its employees are up to date on their training, including training and operating procedures that have been revised.

No other learning management systems were selected for Human Resource Executive’s distinguished annual award, which recognizes 10 corporate training products that are unique in the industry, meet their stated objectives, provide exceptional support and offer an interesting or unusual form of presentation.

Plateau 4 LMS has significantly reduced Xcel Energy’s total training costs, travel expenses and contract instructor fees by managing and delivering a blend of online courses and classroom training.

Plateau eased the difficult federal auditing and "quality assurance" process for AstraZeneca by gathering every employee’s training history into an audit trail easily reviewed by inspectors, supervisors and employees themselves.

The integration allows Honeywell to automatically create learning development plans for all its engineers and contractors, and update those plans when employees change job positions or functions.

LearnWright’s Web-based courses mix video, audio and interactive components, and include built-in assessments so students can track their progress as they proceed. The course modules integrate smoothly with the Plateau LMS for easy reporting to FDA investigators.

Strength training is so vital to every day life because it can help maintain the muscular balance of the body. No matter what your goals are, strength training is an important component of your exercise program and it’s never too late to start. Despite its reputation as a "guy" or "jock" thing, strength training is important for everyone.

The ICF is a comprehensive framework and identifies sexual well-being as a factor, and this is evident from some of the categories that are dedicated to this important issue. The World Health Organization defines sexuality as a central aspect of being human throughout life and encompasses sex, gender identities and roles, sexual orientation.

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