Tips On a Sailing Holiday in Croatia

The country of Croatia, which is officially called as “Republika Hrvatska”, is situated in south-central Europe in the Adriatic coast’s northeastern region. In the group of the Balkan states, it is located in the west-central section. Croatia’s major territories include the Croatia proper, Istria (majority of its land area), Slavonia, and Dalmatia.

The country is divided into 21 administrative constituencies. Its coastline, which is great for sailing, stretches as far as 3,000 miles long. We have many More Croatia Vacation Information, Travel Review and Tourist Attractions Articles Now Available.

If you want to sail in Croatia’s southern regions, start your journey in the port of Dubrovnik. It is one of Croatia’s most visited tourist attractions, especially by yacht enthusiasts, because of its close proximity to Adriatic Sea. The city of Dubrovnik, which has a population of about 45,000, is also a cultural center because of its medieval urban walls, historic Rector Palace, and remarkable old-fashioned convents. I highly recommend that you take a couple of days of your charter and stay in a local hotel in the city. As a general guide you should regard Split to Dubrovnik as a minimum of a one week trip and allow two weeks if you want to start and finish in the same marina.

Aside from Dubrovnik, yacht charter Croatia include the ports of Zadar, Baska Voda, Vodice, Split, Pula, Biograd, Kastela, Porec, Rovinj, and Marina.

Pula is a city situated in the country’s northwest region along the Adriatic Sea. It has a population of approximately 58,000 people. Pula is one of Croatia’s major port areas. It is also an industrial center. The city is very Roman in culture and tradition because it was a former colony of Rome in 178 B.C. At present, Pula has still preserved some of its ancient Roman architectures. The most famous are the Roma and Augustus temples built during the 1st century A.D., the Arch of the Sergii, and the Porta Aurea triumphal arch constructed in 1st century B.C. Aside from this, the cool blue beaches of the city has made Pula a very attractive tourist center in the country.

Sailing in Croatia is available almost everywhere. Typically, you can sail the country’s shores 365 days a year. But, the best time to cruise the Croatian coast is from the months of April (spring season) to October (autumn season). During this period, the weather is so nice and the sea relatively calm. However, the spring season sometimes has rain showers. Nevertheless, with the country’s approximately 3,000-mile long coastline and 1,180 islands, you can never have enough of Croatia’s coasts.

One of Croatia’s gorgeous coasts is located in Kvarner. It has been attributed by many sailors and tourists because of its stunning coastline and rugged mountain range. The place also has a very flattering and mild climate. Because of this, many visitors have judged Kvarner as a very suitable place to have a vacation. Most of the place’s tourists are upper class or elite individuals. We have many More Europe Travel Destinations¬†Information, Travel Review and Tourist Attractions Articles Now Available.

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