Tips for Writing an Effective CV

CV writing is an important task as it plays a crucial role in obtaining a good job. A well written CV not only helps you get the interviews you deserve but also help with your interview techniques and getting your desired job. It can be defined as the self-marketing document that is a key to the interview. Therefore, an effective CV can be one that is specific, unique, and creative, written with the requirements of the hiring company in mind. A CV should have the capacity to not only holding the attention of the readers but also make them feel that you are a viable candidate for the job. That is why there is a lot of thought behind the writing of an effective CV.

Here are a few CV writing tips that should be followed in order to create an effective CV:

– All the information in the CV should be accurate and factually correct

– The CV should follow an attractive, easy-to-follow format. Select a font that is easily readable.

– Your contact information should be available on the CV.

– Clearly define your career objective on the first page.

– Tell the reader how you can be beneficial for the company.

– Make your CV attractive by highlighting the important information (not the headlines or titles),.

– Think about writing career experience in reverse chronological order, i.e., your last job first followed by rest. You do not need to follow this pattern with your educational qualifications.

– Make use of bullet points to bring the attention to your achievements.

– Include any additional experiences or skills in the CV that are transferable.

– Do not write reference details at this stage unless asked for – take them to the interview,

– You may list any personal interests or hobbies.

You can also download professionally designed CV templates from the internet. After selecting the appropriate CV template, you can download the template and add your information into it, tweak and edit it to get a personalized look. If you are looking for further CV services visit Mike Kelley a CV consultant at First Impressions since 1989 at:

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