Tips for The Best Deals On Your Organic Skin Care Products

With all the hype about “going green” and replacing junk with “everything organic”, its not a surprise that beauty companies are jumping on the bandwagon and are now offering organic skin care and cosmetics line. The “eco-friendly” line is a huge and marketable product that are on department stores and drug stores all over the world. Most of the branded organic beauty product don’t come very cheap, so as much as possible we try to take care of what we are buying. Being conscious of the quality saves, so in the end we don’t waste our money on terrible products:

1. One of the best things to do first is to research skin care companies for their new all-natural products and get enough information about the ingredients. Look for companies selling the most popular line in the market. Trust only those that are well-known have a reputation for their gentle skin care products. We can’t always be too sure of what we’re putting on our face, so always be prepared to compare ingredients and get informed before you buy.

2. There are beauty products which claims to be all-natural, yet display huge amounts of chemical ingredients right there in the back label. One thing to look for is a product that has not been tested on animals. Only products with harsh chemicals need animal testing to examine how safe it would be for human use. It not only benefits us, but it’s also humane. It’s really awful to buy a product that was made from suffering of animals

3. Though it’s kind of silly, we ladies simply fall for that eye-candy packaging. When I look at the organic line in the cosmetics aisle, I’m so in love with the packaging even before I even tried the cream inside. One thing that we can learn from this is to be mindful of the packaging, too! As much as possible try to buy products that also use recycled paper, recyclable containers, or made from natural resin. That’s making eco-friendly choices right there!

4. Look for USDA-certified branding on the products if you can. And if there’s none and you still want to try the product stick to brands or labels that offer botanical products, fruit extracts, pure plant oils, herb and flower mixture. But there are stuff to watch out for. If you see these things in you want to avoid like the plague: parabens, presevatives, glutene, colorants/dyes, petroleums, glutene, perfumes (these are allergens) or other synthetic ingredients.

5. One thing that’s hard to find in the organic beauty section is the air spray based products. There are several offerings but there’s a big debate about how real they are in terms of being organic and its impact on the environment. Though it’s hard to come by a real organic hairspray or deodorant spray, at the very least find an Ozone-Friendly product.

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