Tips For Planning a Jamaica Golf Vacation With Friends

Do you want to plan a Jamaica golf vacation with a small group of friends? If so, the experience will be one you will never forget, but the planning stages may be something you wish you could skip. For tips on how to plan a Jamaica golf vacation with friends with ease, please continue reading on.

1 – Get a Headcount

Before you start making your Jamaica travel plans, it is important to know who is attending. If you are in charge of making arrangements never accept an “I do not know.” If you are sharing the cost of a hotel or resort room, this could seriously impact everyone’s ability to pay their share.

Instead, create a specific deadline. For example, give everyone two weeks to decide whether or not they will attend your group Jamaica golf vacation. The earlier you plan your trip, the more notice and time to think participants will have.

2 – Request Passports

Every member of your traveling party needs to have a valid passport. This is important, as it is required. If you are in charge of planning your Jamaica golf vacation with friends, simply ask once and then offer a few polite reminders. Since a passport can take one to two months to arrive, it is important to start planning your Jamaica travels early and in advance.

3 – Create a Budget

The ideal way to plan a golf vacation with friends is to spilt the cost down the middle. For example, will two people stay in one hotel room? If so, those two individuals can spilt the cost of the room and so forth. Other aspects of the trip, such as airline reservations, food, and drinks, should be paid for separately.

Since your overnight accommodation costs may be shared, it is important to create a budget. How much can each member of your traveling party afford? If traveling on a budget, remember that luxury is nice, but it isn’t a requirement.

4 – Examine Jamaica Hotels and Resorts

Once you have an idea of how much your traveling party can afford to spend on overnight accommodations, start examining your options. If possible, do not go over your budget. Search for hotels and resorts based on location and then price. Choose the most affordable option. If not traveling on a budget, opt for quality over costs.

In keeping with Jamaica hotels and resorts, those on Jamaica golf vacations are encouraged to examine super or all-inclusive resorts. These resorts are different than traditional hotels and resorts where you only pay for your room. Instead, your cost includes room, food, drinks, tips, and some forms of entertainment. If you opt for this approach, individual packages will need to be purchased, as opposed to sharing the costs.

As for why you should examine super or all-inclusive Jamaica resorts, some have onsite golf courses. In fact, green fees may already be included in the cost of your stay. Not only is this an affordable option, but it is convenient, as you do not have to leave the property to enjoy a round of golf.

5 – Examine Jamaica Golf Courses

Even if you opt to stay at a Jamaica all-inclusive resort with an onsite golf course, you may wish to spice up your trip. This means visiting other area courses. You will want to research these courses ahead of time online. First, examine the costs. Next, examine the quality of the golf course by viewing pictures or reading reviews online. Finally, decide if the Jamaica golf course in question is one you want to visit. If so, see if reservations are required.

6 – Remember the Quicker You Plan, the Better

As previously stated, a Jamaica golf vacation with friends will be fun, but the planning stages may be a nightmare. Even close friends and family members have different wants, needs, and requirements. When traveling with a group, it is important to compromise. If one member of your party is traveling on a budget, compromise and opt for an affordable hotel.

As a recap, it is important to get a headcount, request passports, review Jamaica hotels and resorts, examine Jamaica golf courses, and make your travel arrangements. After doing so, you can sit back and relax and wait for your trip to arrive.

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