Tips for Living Aboard a Sailboat During Your Retirement

Tips for living aboard a sailboat during your retirement will assume that you know nothing about sailboats… There is a way for you baby boomers to go from zero knowledge to enjoying this lifestyle.

We know what we are talking about because we went from knowing nothing about sailboats to living on one in the Caribbean in four years… There are steps that made the process doable, we can show you how.

Taking baby steps in this process is especially important if one spouse or partner is somewhat reluctant about making such a drastic lifestyle change.

When I announced that we would be living on a sailboat, retired within five years, my spouse was most skeptical about being able to do so…yours may have some doubts too.

If both baby boomer spouses are enthusiastic about trying this lifestyle it will obviously be a much easier and faster process.

The steps in our process were as follows:

  • We took a shore excursion on a cruise ship, six people from the ship with a Capt. and a mate for four hours, we sailed a little, we snorkeled, I became infatuated with the idea of living on a sailboat
  • We signed up for sailing lessons to learn the basics of boat handling and navigation when we returned home…Houston
  • We took vacations in the British Virgin Islands where we chartered a boat with a Capt. and cook to start
  • We graduated to chartering a boat that we took out by ourselves
  • The last step was a three-week charter boat vacation, by ourselves, to determine if we would really enjoy this process
  • We then purchased our first sailboat in the Clear Lake Texas area… Spending most weekends on the boat
  • Five months later we sailed the boat from Texas to the Caribbean ( Virgin Islands) and embarked on an eight year adventure

Who are the prime boomer candidates for living aboard a sailboat in retirement?

  • Couples that can peacefully coexist in a small space
  • Persons who have a desire for a simpler life
  • Persons that are patient and laid-back
  • Persons that are not risk takers… safety is priority one
  • Non-type A personalities

If this sounds like you and your spouse/partner…living on a sailboat can be the experience of a lifetime… It certainly was the highlight of our 37 years of marriage.

Living on a sailboat is not as difficult as some would make it… The skills necessary are easy to learn, not complicated, and are basically common sense.

Because living on a sailboat is not considered a conventional way for baby boomer retirement… You should be prepared to get little encouragement from your friends.

However if you take baby steps like we did… You can go from zero to sailboat cruising in four years.

We can show you how… If we did it you can do it.

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