Tips for Healing Enlarged Prostate Part II – Enlarged Prostate Treatment With Natural Remedies

In Part I of “Tips for Healing Enlarged Prostates” we have discussed the symptoms that might cause enlarged prostates. Reader may remember, starting at about age 40 the by-product dihydro-testosterone of testosterone in men increases, triggering growth of the prostate.
Here are some natural remedies that will help to shrink the prostate, please talk to your doctor if you want to add them to your diet.

1.Saw palmetto
By age 40+, some men start to show some signs of benign prostatic hyperplasia, or BPH prostate swelling caused by noncancerous cysts. Saw palmetto doses could free you from the symptoms of enlarged prostate.

2. Zinc
Zinc is the most important mineral in promoting good prostate. It inhibits the enzyme prolactin. Zinc helps in shrinking an enlarged prostate, giving you free-flowing, pain free urination. It also has anti-bacterial effects against urinal and badder infection.

3. Nettle Root
Nettle root extract helps in preventing excess estrogen from causing prostate to swell since by the age of 40 the levels of testosterone in men decrease while the female estrogen increases.

Together with zinc help your body to absorb iron. Copper aids the formation of blood cells and protect prostate swelling.

5. Ginger root
With it’s anti-toxin powers, ginger root helps to cleanse and strengthen the prostate while relieving the frequent urges to urinate.

6.Licorice root
Licorice root extract helps in controlling the inflammation of the prostate.

7. Vitamin B6
Along with zinc help in regulating enzyme that converts testosterone to DHT causing enlarged prostate.

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