Tips for Finding the Best Bargains on Caribbean Vacation Packages

The Caribbean is an idyllic paradise that offers travelers the opportunity to soak up some sun, spend time on stunning beaches, enjoy water sports, and much more.  Purchasing Caribbean vacation packages is typically the best and most affordable way to enjoy the region.  It is not uncommon to find that a vacation package which includes airfare and hotel is cheaper than airfare alone.  As such, the Caribbean is friendlier to package travelers than independent travelers, unlike other major vacation destinations.

A simple online search will yield a vast number of Caribbean vacation packages.  However, to ensure that you get the best prices and the most value out of your trip, keep the following tips in mind.

Travel during the Off Season

May to mid-December is the best time to travel to the Caribbean.  You can get discounts of up to 40 percent on standard hotel rates if you travel during the off season.  Rock bottom prices can be had between June and August whereas May and September through December are considered the shoulder seasons.

Travel to Destinations Served by Multiple Airlines

When you travel to Caribbean destinations served by multiple airlines, you can get the best bargains.  Some highly frequented destinations in the region that are served by multiple carriers include Jamaica, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and Nassau in the Bahamas.

Stay at All-Inclusive Resorts

By staying at all-inclusive resorts in the Caribbean, you can avoid sticker shock.  There are all-inclusive resorts ranging from modest to luxurious in the Caribbean.  Activities like water sports and local tours are sometimes included in packages offered by all-inclusive resorts.

Choose Packages for Islands That Are Known for Their Bargains

Islands that have the reputation of being budget-friendly and delivering the most bang for your buck include the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.

Eat Like the Locals

Instead of eating in all of the overpriced tourist joints, go to independent local restaurants near tourist areas.  You can also try different types of local specialties at roadside food stands.

Use Public Transportation

Taxis are expensive in the Caribbean.  Use public buses in order to save when you go from place to place during your vacation.

Check Online for Travel Deals

Sign up for email alerts on travel deals sites as well as resort and hotel email newsletters to keep up with the latest online bargains being offered.  Some hotel chains claim to offer the best rates on their own websites.

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