Tips for CNA Interview

Interview is the last step in getting the job you have been trying so far. It is the time when you have to put your best foot forward and impress the interviewer so that you can nail the job. Remember, the purpose of questioning and evaluating you is to ensure whether you fit the job or not. The person across the table may use any tricks both to encourage and confuse you with any general and weird questions. In any case, you have to maintain your cool, and defend yourself by answering them like a true professional.

You must also remember that the interviewer is an experienced person who has evaluated hundreds of candidates before. He or she may have developed a unique ability to judge people by their faces if the answers delivered are genuine or read out of some book. Therefore, be natural, honest and up to the point. If you cannot answer any of the questions, do not try to beat around the bush or answer in bits and pieces. Simply surrendering and saying ‘sorry Sir/Madam, I am not aware of this topic, but I will surely try to seek answer and learn about it.’

 nursing interview

Tips for CNA Interview

Build Your Mindset

Medical facilities will call or email you about the date, time, and venue of the interview. They will also tell you whom to contact after reaching the location. Before you face the interview, there will be a few days left that you can use it for preparation. Use this time to build your mindset since no medical facilities will ask to come for the interview the same or the next day. They will definitely keep a gap of minimum four to five days as they also have to arrange for the interview.

Until then, prepare photocopies of your resume, certifications, medical reports, any references, interview call letter, identify proof, etc. Buy a decent dress to wear on the interview day. Donning proper attire for the interview will create an impression. Women should go for decent skirt, pantsuit and a light blazer. Men can wear full-sleeve shirt with a matching pant, and a tie. Do not wear any sports shoes. Leather shoes are the best for formal occasions. Hide any tattoos, and avoid jewelry.

Practice the questions that will be asked

Questions in any interviews are related to the job as well as personal goals. The interviewer will start the session by asking you general questions like, tell me about yourself, what do you know about our organization, how did you come to know about the job opening, do you know anyone working with us, and why do you want to join us. These are common questions that will be asked to ease you out. When answering them, just maintain an eye contact and talk slowly and politely that is easy to understand.

Once the interviewer has had enough information about you, he or she will move to job-related questions. This session would be lengthy than the former, and is meant to screen your technical skills and knowledge. The typical question most interviewers ask is ‘Give me some reasons why you took the certified nursing assistant career.’ If you are switching your job, then be prepared with an answer to tell him or her the reason for changing the job. Your answers should be of your own, and not copied from any websites that publish interview questions and answers. Such answers would be immediately caught, and the interviewer would realize that you have picked up answers from other sources.

Use words cautiously

When talking with the interviewer, you must use your words cautiously. Try to avoid use of slangs and phrases. It will confuse the listeners and make you look lacking in confidence. Use words in your sentences that have proper meanings and terminology. Try to speak clearly and at length. Do not gun down on the questions. Take a few seconds to think over it and then speak. The person across the table is no hurry for your answers. Take your own time to collect your thoughts and then answer them.

CNA interview questions to practice

These are the questions you must expect them to be asked:

1. Do you believe yourself to be a perfect match for the job?

2. What do you enjoy the most being a CNA?

3. What do you not enjoy being a CNA?

4. What are your strength and weaknesses?

5. How many patients have your cared for in a single shift all alone?

6. Are you flexible to work in any shift time?

7. Are you ready to work on weekdays, and national holidays if called?

8. Have you been issued any memo for indiscipline?

9. How will you maintain patients’ privacy and confidentiality?

10. Do you believe in work ethics?

Along with answers to these questions, the interviewer would also be interested in knowing if you are compassionate and a caring person. You must show these traits in order to impress him or her. Lastly, do take the opportunity to ask questions to the interviewer.  

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