Tips for backpackers in Bali

Bali, is an island of Indonesia, is consider as “Honeymoon paradise” for couples. However,  if you are not married or have been married a long time, you don’t hesitate to come here to enjoy the pretty island. 

Bali is not only known as the beautiful beach, stunning island, and romantic resort but also it’s famous for attractive Hinduism culture. When travelling the island, you will soak up natural beauty such as the blue sea, long sandy, sunlight and majestic volcano as well as the magnificent temples with exquisite architectures. If you travel with a group of friend, it’s really the unforgettable trip in your life when joining some adventure tours.

Best time to travel to Bali?

Bali is also a tropical island with 2 seasons including rainy and dry season. The rainy season begins from November to April and May to October is the dry season. Therefore, the “best” time to visit Bali is the dry season, it’s also crowded time in there with expensive services. If you like quiet time, you should visit in May and June. Furthermore, you should not book tour to Bali in September and October because it’s alway have storms in the 2 months.

Visa Indonesia

During 30 days travelling in Bali or Indonesia, you don’t need a visa because the country belongs to Southeast Asia. You can entry Indonesia very easy even than Singapore or Malaysia. 


You can choose one of 3 kinds of accommodation: hotel, resort and homestay in any places where you want to travel in Bali. If you are a backpacker, you should stay at Guesthouse or hostel with cheap price.

Some other hotels

Several other hotel arranges 250k price all IDR / night including breakfast, all air-conditioned rooms:

Hotel S8
Jl. Buni Sari No. 14 A, Br Buni
Booked through Agoda to view price.

Nitya HomeStay – Lembongan island
Jungut Batu City, 80 771 Lembongan
Owner Phone: 085737644335

Puji Bungalow Ubud
Jalan Bisma no 28, Ubud, Bali
Phone: +62818564722


Depending on the number of travellers to choose the suitable transport. 

– Rental car: If you are a group of 4, 7 or 12 members, you should book or rent a car. You can contact the hotel to hire the best car with cheap price.

– Taxi: If you travel a short distance, you can catch a taxi on the road but you should negotiate cost. In Kuta has a lot of taxi branches but there are not taxi branches without the private taxi.

– Hire motorbike: Motorbike is quite popular in Bal, so you can hire it very easy with cheap price (about $50.000 IDR/day). You just pay money in advance and leave your PP number. However, there is some trouble when driving motorbikes in Indonesia. For example, the little road is difficult to drive, almost motorbikes are similar and there is not park in there. Moreover, there are a lot of traffic policies in the road so, you should be careful with your motorbike or rent motorbike to travel around the city only.

 Are you ready for planning tour to Bali or Southeast Asia? If you get some trouble or concern about itinerary or cost, Vietnam Tour Booking will help you to make a memorable trip.

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