Timeshare Sales Training Tips – Building Yourself Up in the Face of Rejection – Add Humor and Move

One huge area for training in the timeshare sales industry is how to feel good when handling and experiencing so much rejection. We’re all human. Most of us go to work to accomplish things and to get paid. Let’s face it, there are days when you don’t understand how people can agree to go on tours and take time away from their hard-earned vacation to take a timeshare tour. The gifts are not that great. It’s a matter of perspective, they won’t say ” yes ‘ to a tour if they don’t think the gift is worth more than their time. Yet, without the tours, you’d really be broke.

Have you ever looked in someone’s eyes and considered asking them the question: What do you do for a living ma’am or sir? Does that pay well? Would you like to work all day and give your time, energy, heart, and soul to your job, and do it for absolutely no money and then explain to your husband and children that night that you worked but just did it for free? Would that make you feel good? If it wouldn’t make you feel good, why would you want to do that to me or anyone else for that matter? You can’t say it or ask it that way. Feelings are tough to manage sometimes. That’s why we write articles and at least you know someone cares about what you’re going through.

There are days in the life of a timeshare salesperson when they have questions or doubt about how people were marketed to get into the tour in the first place and there are days in every commission-only timeshare salesperson’s life where they probably just don’t understand anything at all. It’s easy to be reduced to a number on a page or a closing percentage vs a person with a family to support and a life to live. If this ever happens to you, look up and think up, and lighten up because every timeshare salesperson is providing an amazing gift to anyone they meet and explain their product to. Taking time to enjoy life and to have whatever quality time you can with yourself, or anyone you like or love is worth it. Vacations are great and most people would love more of them.

Wake-up and smell the coffee and take a vacation. The always dreaded phone call came in that a relative had passed away suddenly. Live and if you’re just living, go ahead and laugh. How about considering that instead of you being entertainment for your guest, pretend that your guest is your entertainment and find out what they have to offer you. I did this the other day and I let the guest tell me about how horrible her life had been, how horrible her marriage had been, and then she hugged me for listening, laughed with me and joined.

In the sales world you have to hear the no’s to get you to the yeses. If you don’t hear “no” you probably should stop talking and listen better. If you really are stressed, go for a walk.

My husband knows when I feel emotionally drained by being around people with lots of problems and even more excuses. I drag him out of the house to the nearest comedy club, show, or nightclub to go dancing. Move that body, get the thoughts to flow in a fun, positive direction, and repeat after me: “Next.” Remember every time you go to watch a good show, you learn more about to give a good show to your guests when you meet them. If they’re having fun and being entertained, they might decide to say “Yes.” Try it.

If money is tight, turn on a movie or Comedy Central for a few laughs. How about reality tv to forget about the guests who have come for the gifts and bring no money, just excuses. Remember not to take yourself too seriously. No matter what happens you know that “today” is the only time you can impact “today.” Yesterday is over and tomorrow isn’t here yet.

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