Time to do some chair workout. Get ready to Deskercise – the new health craze for workaholics like you

Here’s some good news: daily exercise improve your brain function and helps to handle stress. Here’s some better news: You can exercise even while sitting in your office.

Even if you are a workaholic and don’t really care about six-pack abs, it is well known that regular work out and physical activity promotes healthy, active brain. More oxygen flow means more attentive thought and better focus during regular office work.

And the best part: you don’t really need a day off in order to work out. So no more excuses! You can get in shape in office, at your desk. Office exercise or “deskercise” is a great way to keep your body active, it might look a little weird to you co-workers, but as soon as they’ll understand what you’re up to, you can turn into a private office trainer.

Move your feet:

1.    Position legs at 90 degrees. Start lifting your feet and toes while keeping the heel on the floor.
2.    Now do the opposite. Leave the toes on the floor and lift your heel.
3.    This time combine the two exercises into one continues workout and create a swinging movement from back to front.

Wiggle your hip:

1.    Move your hip backwards and forwards. This exercise will also relieve pressure from your back.
2.    Turn your hip in a circular motion while moving your weight from one side to the other.
3.    Now combine the two (think that you are drawing the number 8 on the chair…)

Some isometrics:

1.    Flex and relax your ab muscles.
2.    Open your palms to the max, hold them stretched for a couple of seconds and then make a fist.
3.    Roll both shoulders at a circular motion, front and back.
4.    Turn your head around. With your shoulders and body relaxed, slowly turn your head to the right wait a couple of seconds, then center, wait, then left and repeat.
5.     Breathing exercise: close your eyes, breathe deeply through your nose and slowly exhale for a couple of minutes.

Remember that sitting in a chair can cause back, shoulder and neck pains, even headaches. So be dynamic in your sitting:

1.    Change your position once in while.
2.    Stretch during your lunch break and improve your blood flow.
3.    If you talk on the phone a lot, move the handset from one side to other.
4.    Try and use the mouse with your “weaker hand.”  
5.    Rise from the chair, stick your chest out and lift the head up.

If you still suffer from back pains, neck pains or headaches, examine your general posture. Remember to sit straight and avoid slouching over the desk and keyboard. Poor posture can lead to permanent back damage. You might also want to consider getting an agronomic office chair that can support your body and help you keep a healthy posture.

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