Three Hip Hop Abs Ultimate Results Workouts

The Hip Hop Abs can be achieved through mastering and regular dancing of the effective hip hop moves. Hip hop dances have become popular in achieving that 6 pack abs. Most of the hip hop moves involves the muscles on the abs thus giving it the tone and shape of a beautiful abs.

Aside from the usual hip hop dance steps the following can also be done to achieve a well-built abs. You may choose any or all of these 3 Hip Hop Abs Ultimate Results workouts.

1. Fat Burning Cardio 2.

This includes high-energy moves that you can use or do to lose weight and some inches on your waist. This is a dance album that runs for 40 minutes with different cardio or calorie-burning dance steps for you. The routine starts from some basic to the most intensive dance moves to assist your fat burning activity. The basic routine prepares you specially the beginners for the more complicated and heart pounding moves.

2. Ab Sculpt 2.

This video presents abs sculpting in a different way—the more entertaining way and that is through dancing. This includes core exercises or dance steps that work on your core to achieve beautiful and sexy tight abs as if you have done a hundred of sit-ups or crunches. This compilation is filled with 35 minutes of energy pumping dance steps for sculpting your abs. Abs sculpting can be done easily and with ease even without doing the torture crunches or sit-ups. Dancing particularly the hip hop dance routines can achieve the same results without much overworking your muscles and the whole body.

3. Total Body Burn 2.

This video runs for almost 50 minutes. This includes advanced cardio, and other dance routines that involve the entire body. All the muscle groups are working at the same time thus giving a full body workout. This is very suitable for those who want to burn some extra fats in a faster way. You will surely sweat you fats out with this total body burning dance routines. Total body burning of fat will give you a totally renewed body after some weeks of effective workout.

This Hip Hop abs additional workout can surely give you the perfect abs of your dreams. You can feel immediate results after a week of regular and proper workout. These workouts are said to deliver ultimate results that is worth all your sweats and time. So if you want to try these workouts whether on your abs sculpting or just plain fat burning, you better start right away to see the results right after. You have to see the results yourself to better understand that these workouts are really serious.

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