ThinkPoint Virus Removal – How To Rid Your PC Of This Rogue For Good

The “ThinkPoint” virus is a common fake antivirus program which has been created with the intention of conning you into buying the false upgrade to the software, as well as attracting other infections to your PC. Known as a “malware” (malicious software) infection, ThinkPoint has been created to look & act as much like a legitimate antivirus program as possible – often leading many unsuspecting users to fall for the scam. If you have this virus on your PC, you need to get rid of it in the most effective way possible by using the tutorial on this page.

The virus you have is basically a software program and should not be trusted. It will have infected your computer from the likes of a fake email attachment, false online antivirus scan or rogue download (most torrent downloads have these malware infections inside). This particular virus is known to control various Windows features, including the likes of “Task Manager” and many of your programs, in an attempt to make you think that you have some viruses which can only be removed by buying the full version. Getting rid of ThinkPoint is best done by getting the files & settings which the application uses to run – as since it’s just a software tool, you should be able to perform an “uninstall” to get rid of it.

The way to remove the ThinkPoint virus is to get rid of all the files and settings it needs to run. The program is basically a rogue software tool, meaning that if you are able to remove all of its infectious components, you’ll be able to get your PC to run smoothly again. This can be done by first deleting all the program files which the program is using to load up, and then getting rid of any of the settings it may have also placed onto your PC. Although this can be done manually, it’s vital to note that the virus will actually place a large number of hidden programs & files around your system, which it will use to load up your infection again if it’s not properly removed. This means that in order to get rid of it completely, you have to remove all the files it uses to run in one go.

ThinkPoint will install itself into this folder:

  • C:Documents and SettingsUserApplication Datahotfix.exe

We’ve found the best way to get rid of this virus, for newbies and experts alike, is to use a “malware removal tool”. This is a type of software which has been created to scan through your computer and get rid of any parts of the virus from your PC, allowing your computer to run smoothly again. A program called XoftSpy works best to remove the ThinkPoint virus, as this tool has been created by a large professional company in Canada. You can use the tool by downloading it to your computer, installing it and then letting it get rid of all the viruses that your system may have.

You can


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