Things You Should Not Include on Your Resume

When constructing a resume, there are various things you should never include in it. These items are such as:

I. Your photo

Any type of your photo should never appear in your resume. The only people who are allowed to attach their photographs include actresses, air cabin crew, actors and models.

II. Poor quality photocopies of your resume.

These make it look like you are sending off your resume to a lot of companies or organizations and that you are not too bothered who you really want to work for. They portray you badly to your prospective employer. Bad photocopies will make you look like you are not a decisive person and no employer will employ you if you can’t make a concrete decision as to who you want to work for or offer your services to.

III. If you are seeking a scientist work, don’t include a list of publications you have published unless you are asked to or asked for.

IV. If you failed in you exams, marriages, businesses, past interviews and other failures, don’t include them in your Curriculum Vitae. These will in fact impact negative on your bid to get employed.

V. Information about your salary history.

If an advertised vacancy requires you to state your salary expectations, include this in your cover letter and not in your resume. If you include this in your resume, it will only be used to reject your application.

VI. Leave out all irrelevant details such as your age, date of your birth, weight, height, health and others. They will only make your resume appear unprofessional which will in turn make you fail in your application bid.

VII. When it comes to borders and other patterns, refrain from using any fancy ones. They will only detract your presentation.

VIII. Do not bind, or make you resume as a folder because they are usually not necessary-a resume should be a one or two paged document hence binding it is quite unnecessary. If you are doing a special representation, enclosing your resume in a folder or in a binder will be necessary though.

IX. Never ever state the reasons for leaving your past jobs.

For any resume writer, paying attention to the above don’ts will always pay good dividends. You will not only be invited for interviews, but you will get employed in your preferred area of specialization.

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