Things To Know Before And During The Interview

The job interview is the first real contact with the company. If you have CV and cover letter, it will raise a positive impression.  For the success of the meeting is important to take some simple precautions before, during and after the interview. Often these are small details, but they can make a difference in the eyes of the interviewer:

Before the interview

  • Make sure the date, time and place of interview, and studied the route to avoid being late
  • Note the name of the person who maintains the interview and its role in the company.
  • Found much information as possible about the job description and proposed.
  • Well designed curriculum is the starting point of any interview.
  • Clothing: stylish, not too shabby either.
  • FBe specific: no delays, but not too early.
  • Look around: notice the environment and people can give an initial idea of “business climate”.
  • Presentations: a firm handshake and a smile are the best way to start.

During the interview

If the interviewer is a mature, probably with a lot of experience, will immediately get to the point: what matters is above all your personality. The council is to show a strong character, good sense and respect for the institutions (and thus also for him).

A young interviewer, however, is usually an enthusiastic lover of the company, curious and optimistic. It will be easier to get in tune if you will like him. Since they have no great experience, his yardstick is mostly himself.

In any event, met some general rules:

  • Listen carefully to the questions and take a few seconds to respond.
  • Be honest as much as possible and not to contradict ourselves, or to prevent such fool if you undergo tests or computer languages.
  • Identify yourself as a real, purposeful, active, and reliable.
  • Do not complain about your situation by blaming someone else.
  • Try to turn positive even any gaps or mistakes in the past.

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