These are 5 Basic Tips to Choose the Best Make up Supplier for Your Business

Quality of the Products

Do ask for certification and documents proof on the products from the make up supplier where required. Please be sure there are zero animal testing, suited for all skin type and preferably select mineral base make up. Please  sure the products are accredited with the governing agencies to ensure the quality of the products is observed.

Years established in Business

Lots of companies come and go especially in the beauty and health line. A serious make up supplier will have built his business and have a good range of customers as portfolio. Do check the make up supplier background to determine they have a solid basis and confident to support you in the long run.


Check with the make up supplier how long it takes for an order to arrive. I will advice you to pick out a make up supplier that can deliver the products to your doorstep within 2 days maximum. This is to ensure that you always have stock in hand for your customers. You can also check with payment mode, whether they extend discounts for mass orders or term payment. On the general rule, you can ask to pay for the products first before the make up suppliers present the goods.

Product Range

If the make up supplier do not have new product range each year, this is going to be a  for your business. Make sure they are up to trend with the fashion setting and they can also advice you to choose the better colors for a specific season. If you are from Asia, establish sure the product ranges suit the hot weather and Asian skin.


This is another serious factor in selecting products for your business. Empathize your market wants and spending power before committing in a make up supplier. Do not be swayed that the more pricey the brand the better the product is. Basically most make up are at the same price range so choose the one with the best quality and support from a make up supplier.

Knowing these 5 tips will certainly help you in choosing the right products and for your business. Remember commit your time in choosing the best make up supplier available in your area.

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