The Ultimate Ab Workout Regimen

The abdominal muscles occupy quite a small portion of our bodies as compared to the other larger groups of muscle found in the legs, the back or in the chest area. A proper workout for the abdominals should therefore be brief but intense in order to get the desired results. As much as possible one should adopt a training pattern that will concentrate on the greatest amount of muscle groups at any one time.

For the abdominals or the six-pack development purposes there are three popular training methods that are effective in bearing good outcomes.

First up are the lying leg raises. This technique is particularly useful if you need to better the condition of the lower extremes of your abs. to do these raises, first lie on the bench or floor and get a firm grip on a steady thing that is placed slightly away from your head. Maintain your legs at a position slightly off the ground with the knees being somewhat bent.

Using your abs and controlling the hips raise the legs gradually until they come to a straight vertical position. With the abs still contracted lower the legs gradually till they are now slightly off the ground. Repeat this for the second rep all the time ensuring that your abs are intact and the hips never touching the floor. Make enough reps till you are too exhausted to continue. Rest for about 15-20 seconds then start on the next set. Before you move to another type of exercise ensure that you are fully rested say for 2-3 minutes.

For that great deep contraction centre in the abs as well as for the purposes of detailing the six-pack you should set out to do comprehensive crunches. For the perfect crunch position you will have to lie flat on the floor and let your feet touch a wall. The lower leg and the upper leg should be separated by a right angle. Similarly let the upper leg form a right angle with your torso. Now let your arms lie across the chest or at the sides of the head. Don’t alter the position of your arms during the entire workout. Using the abs, raise your upper body to the highest point possible.

Keep the abs contracted during this entire period and when you reach the highest point be sure to squeeze them for roughly 2 seconds. Whilst still contracted, let the abs help you lower the body and rise again. Do as many reps till you reach failure. Rest for about 15 seconds then get to the next set.

The final workout that will breed you success with your abdominals is the sit-up. Seat yourself on the edge of the bench and have a firm grip of it behind your back. Keep your feet of the ground with a right angle bend at the knees. Now let the abs enable you to lift the hips as high as possible making sure to contract them at this point for two seconds. With the abs still intact lower the hips to the initial position. Make the necessary reps and sets.

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