The Top 8 Abs Food for Your Abs Diet ( Part 3)

We have come to the final part for my “abs food” article and i will be covering the rest of the abs food in this article

6th abs food for your abs diet – Turkey and Other Lean Meats

Turkey Breast – Turkey contains almost one-third of your daily requirements of niacin and vitamin B6.However, do avoid roasting self-basting bired as they are likely to be injected with fats.

Beef- Beef is the top food source for creatine – the substance that your body uses when you are lifting weights. However, extra care and caution needs to be undertaken when choosing the right type of beef meat as beef itself contains saturated fats. Keep a lookout for rounds or extra-lean; sirloins and New York strips for they are far less fatty than prime ribs and T-bones.

Tuna and Salmon – These fishes contains omega-3 fatty acids and protein. The omega-3 fatty acids helps lower the level of leptin in your body .The lower your leptin levels, the harder it is your body to store fats. Therefore, consuming more tuna and salmon will decrease your body’s capability to store fats

7th abs food for your abs diet – Unsweetened oatmeal

When it comes to the carbohydrates that you do take in, you want to make the most of your allotted calories. Oatmeal is a masterpiece in achieving this feat as it is able to provide you with more volume per calorie, thus helping you feel full. Choose only instant unsweetened Oatmeal as preflavoured Oatmeal often comes as a package with sugar calories. Studies have also shown that Oatmeal helps to keep our insulin levels stable by sustaining blood sugar levels longer than many other food. Keeping the insulin level is important as an increased level of insulin level will slow down our metabolism rate and will promote fats storage. Oatmeal also raises the level of testosterone in your body, helping your body to build muscle more effectively and boosting your sex drive.

Preparation of oatmeal : Enhance the flavor of unsweetened oatmeal by adding milk, berries, cinnamon or protein powder to enhance the taste and made it a complete meal.

8th abs food for your abs diet – Low-sodium cottage cheese

Protein is the key nutrient u will need for any base diet plan as it promotes muscle maintenance. However, not all proteins are the same. Choose only slow digesting protein sources as it will help keep you satisfied for the longest, preventing your body from sending the ” I am still hungry” signal to your brain. Cottage cheese being a great source of casein protein ( one of the slowest digesting protein sources ) is able to fulfill these 2 criteria to being a healthy source of protein. Go for only low-sodium cottage cheese to minimize water retention in your body as far as possible.

An effective workout program only works well with an effective abs diet. As long as you devote attention to keep to your abs diet, getting the 6 pack abs you desire is no longer an impossible feat to achieve !

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