The Top 6 Most Effective Website Traffic Building Methods

We have compiled a list of The Top 6 Most Effective Website Traffic Building Methods and listed them below for you. There are plenty more Website Traffic Help Articles Now Available on our website.

1. Search Engines
This tip is probably not new to you and you probably have already submitted your website to a search engines, but anyways search engines are a very important part to any site. Take for example they get 50{7bd3c7ad8bdfca6261de5ca927cd789e17dbb7ab504f10fcfc6fb045f62ae8d5} of their traffic from and other search engines. What I’m basically saying is that if you want traffic the first thing on your list is to submit your site to search engines.

And here’s where to submit them:

2. Link Exchange
Link exchanges are great for pulling in traffic. When you have a link exchange your are basically combing the persons your doing the link exchange with traffic with yours. That might of sounded confusing so I made this diagram to help.
Traffic (Your Site) + Traffic (Linked Websites Traffic) = MORE TRAFFIC

There are many link exchanges but some are free and some you have to pay. One of my favorites that is free is Very easy to use and I highly recommend it.

3. Forums
Now using forums to gain traffic is one of the most common methods I use and for two reasons. One it’s free, two it works every time. So here’s how you do it. Now before you go busting in to someone’s forums you might want to read this.
a. Find a forum related to your website like if your website is about music you might want to get on Google and type music forum.
b. Once you found your forum make your account
c. Let the people on the forum get used to you something that will help you do this is post a response to every thread on the front page for two days.
d. Then you need to start your thread don`t make it a full out advertisement make it like your giving a resource to them and helping them out. Post your link to your website and you’re done!

Now forums aren’t a great way to build lasting traffic but do expect a burst of traffic of at least 100-200 page views.

4. Email Form
This one’s a easy one to do but it does help to build lasting traffic. What you have to do is put a form on your homepage. This going to be a place where they can enter their email (Don`t know how to make a form visit this link here). So you’re probably saying how this is going to help your website. Well here’s a example let’s say you just put the email form up and you got 500 email addresses not bad. Then you published a new article on how to save money but no one’s coming to see it. Well guess what you have 500 peoples email addresses to send your article to.

5. The More Content the Better
Search engines love content and useful information. So that means the more information and content you have the higher your page rank is going to be with Google and other search engines. So please don`t make the mistake that most people do which is once there done with their website they stop writing content don`t do that.

6. Using YouTube
YouTube has you probably know has become one of the visited sites on the Internet. More and more webmasters every day are discovering the power of YouTube. YouTube allows you to put a link in your video and take the user to your site. I put up some videos related to my website and they got a couple 1000 views. It really did surprise how much traffic YouTube pulled in. There are plenty more Website Traffic Help Articles Now Available on our website.

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