The Ten Resume Words That Can Keep You Out of Work

There are resume words that will help you land the job you want, and then there are the ones that will keep you from getting a job at all. Would life be easier if you knew which were which? Fortunately, there is a quick list to help you not only tell the difference, but understand why some of these phrases are keeping you out of work.

Hot or Sexy It may have been the best marketing campaign ever, but you will want to be sure your material is all rated G no matter how you think.

Proven Ability Show your employer your skills instead of trying to tell them!

Like/As/Kind Of Be precise, and limit your use of metaphors.

It This is vague and can confuse the reader.

Functionalities Not only is this not a true phrase, but it also is an example of the fluffy filler words that will cause your name to be tossed aside.

Feel/Believe/Think These all are used as part of opinion expressions, and before you are hired, you need to stick to the facts.

Extensible Often misused, this is your reminder to avoid anything you do not understand when describing your skills.

E-words From e-tailer to e-business, you will be e-liminated for using annoying trendy expressions.

Etc, and/or, B2B, he/she Acronyms, abbreviations, and miscellany have no place on a resume

Architectured, appointmented, and so on Any nonsense or constructed phrasing will have your employer searching for someone who uses actual English.

Finding the right resume words starts with understanding why some phrases simply should not be used. Use the 10 examples here to ensure you know exactly what not to write when you apply for your next job.

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