The Strategies How to Avoid Aging Process Fast

The women and men always dream to have good health and look beautiful, although aging process must come in their life. Beauticians and researchers try to find new method and breakthroughs. People tend to do diet; sport and going to beautician in order to avoid aging process. Preventing is important to do, to avoid aging process so fast.
Based on chemistry experts, found many strategies how to look and feel younger than before, see their suggestion.

1.Diet for three days
According Nicholas Perricone, MD, in his book of 7 Secrets to Beauty, Health, longevity, suggest to diet for three days. Eat boiling salmon and vegetable salad twice a day. He suggests eating egg, chicken, adding with fresh fruit and vegetable salad one a day. Drink green tea and clear water eight glasses a day. Tips keeping your face fresh and look young, avoid sugar and carbohydrate.

2.Using sunscreen
According dermatology expert, Frederic Brandt, MD, caused of wrinkle on your face because of sun. Using sunscreen is effective. Avoid using a straw when you are drinking. You always use it, impact to create soft wrinkle on your face.

3. Eat ginger and turmeric to avoid cancer and have long live
Why do the Japanese like to drink turmeric mixture with tea? According to expert, Andrew Weil, MD, in his book Healthy aging, turmeric and ginger make you feel young, soothe from arthritis, colitis and digestion problem. Turmeric and ginger can prevent from breast cancer, lung cancer and skin cancer.

4.Making a love can improve your spirit and antidepressant
Based on expert, Laura Berman PhD, in her book Passion Prescription: Ten weeks to your Best Sex – Everl, orgasm can cause oxytocin and endorphins flow, to improve the spirit and natural antidepressant to brain so that can improve resistance to disease.

5. Intake the good fat
To keep your heart stable, suggest to intake fat acid omega 3 from walnut, fat fish and flaxseed. The fat can prevent inflammation; the inflammation in artery can cause coroner artery disease.

6.Taking a walk after intake food with high fat
Taking a walk for one hour wiser after eat steak. The steak can cause your artery strike.

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