The Story Of Success – Here Is A Story That Will Open Your Eyes

How I went from being homeless to being a multimillionaire

The stories about people who have gone from having nothing but debt to having millions are just the proof that no matter how tough life gets, there’s still hope. When you’ve hit rock bottom, there’s only one way to go – up! And that’s exactly what happened in Dani Johnson’s life. After a childhood of being molested and neglected, after being homeless and sleeping in her car, she managed to rise up again and earn millions of dollars.

Here’s Dani’s story.

Dani Johnson was a little girl living with her mother and stepfather who were both cocaine addicts at the time. Her stepfather had molested her and her mother did nothing to protect her. She was used to the beating and all the other types of abuse. At the age of 21, Dani was living in her car on a beach in Hawaii and she was working as a waitress. As she was alone in her car, all sorts of negative thoughts were going through her head. The situation became even worse when she had attended a wild beach party and tried cocaine. She got addicted in no time and was soon sleeping with eight men at a time just to get something to eat and to get a fix. She hated herself because she had become worse than her parents. She was suicidal, but one part of her still wanted to change.

She wanted to get her life in order, so she looked for other ways to earn income, so she could rent an apartment. With the money she was making as a waitress, it would take her months to make that kind of money. Then, one day, she saw a weight loss program in the back seat of her car. She found the manufacturer details on the back of the box and decided to give them a call from the payphone. Since she needed a license and the money to try and sell the product in Hawaii, she made a handwritten ad, and paid $15 for the voice mail service she could use for her ad. Soon after, people started calling and ordering the product from Dani just because she managed to establish a close personal relationship with the customers.

Making it all about the customer is the number one rule in business, she says, and once you start forgetting about this, you’ll start losing sales. Long story short, Dani had learned how to run a business, met her husband, and opened a number of weight loss centers around the country. She ended up selling her business for millions of dollars and she still gets provisions from it to this day. Dani Johnson is now a multimillionaire who enjoys life and is dedicated to helping others through charities.

Is It Possible For You To Change Your Life Financially?

It is very possible for you to change your financial circumstance as Dani did. The way for you to do is to learn how to leverage the power of the internet. You must seek help from the experts. Luckily for you, there are organizations of experts who offer free reports for those who seriously want to change their lives. Obviously, there are many resources on the internet, however it is important for people to take the time to understand how to build a company from the ground up, so they can see success as well.

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