The Secrets of a Public Insurance Adjuster

After your disaster, make sure  you keep copies of ALL receipts – even if you are sure that your insurance policy will not reimburse you for them. Keep a daily diary of what you and your family have experienced – what has happened since the disaster -where you have lived, how you got to work, how did your children get to school. What was your life like?  The more diligent you are with your record keeping, the better position you will be in should you experience any challenges with your insurer.

Most importantly, keep a written and dated record of every conversation you have  with representatives of your insurance company. Include your insurance agent, the insurance company’s numerous adjusters, restoration and repair companies, contractors building departments and accountants.

Most importantly – do not sign anything. Keep your options open. Some insurance companies will act like they are your best friend after a disaster and may shower you with kindness and consideration.  After a disaster, the first insurance company representatives to contact you are trained professionals – they know how to make you like them and trust them.

Be careful. Some insurers may attempt to  limit the total amount of money  they end up paying you for your loss. Insurance companies are usually very generous with emergency money for hotels, food and clothing – it makes you feel good and is very good for Public Relations purposes. However, our experience shows as  negotiations for the major repairs begin, that friendly attitude often disappears and becomes more antagonistic.

 You should consider contacting a Public Adjuster as soon as you suffer a loss. If you wait until your insurance company has begun the adjusting process, you may discover you have not met certain policy conditions, missed deadlines or may simply not have sufficient time to document and determine the full value of your claim.

Quality Claims Management Services and Process

Quality Claims Management Corporation provides a free consultation of yor specific situation. Quality Claims will hear your story, determine how big of a loss you experienced, review your insurance policies and discuss your insurance coverage with you

Step One

Collect as many relevant documents as possible and bring them with you. This includes your daily diaries, all receipts, estimates for repair, clean up and rebuilding, etc. Bring all documents regarding conversations with the insurance company. If possible, try to get a complete copy of your  policy – including all endorsements  – from your insurance company. Even if you think you are not covered, or just have partial coverage, we may be able to help you.

Step Two

One of our trained professionals will sit down with you and get an overall picture of your situation – how much have you lost, how  you have been treated so far by your insurance company, and what you may be  entitled to. Is the insurance company’s offer good enough? Many times, insurance companies do the right thing and there is no need to use a public adjuster.

Step Three

If we think we can help you we will then propose several different plans and explain our fees. Quality Claims Management, like most licensed and professional Public Insurance Adjusting firms, work on a percentage fee basis of the total monies recovered. If you decide to use our services, we will then notify the insurance company and begin working for you.

Quality Claims will take over the handling of your claim allowing you to get back to your normal life. We understand that handling your own claim can be time consuming and burdensome. Many insureds have taken leaves from work just to work on their claims with their carrier.  We will gather and provide required documentation and will take over the primary communication with the carrier.  We will strive to negotiate and settle your claim.  Upon settling your claim and after the damage is repaired, we will pursue any available depreciation so that you receive the maximum amount allowed in your policy.

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