The Role of Cardio With Over 40 Strength Training

Cardio and strength training work in conjunction with each other to create a fool proof physical workout program leading to success in overall men’s fitness. Fitness for men over 40 is even more critical since as we age, we tend to lose muscle mass without intervening to slow or reverse that trend. While strength training refers to exercises that help build muscles, cardio can be referred to as any exercise or activity that can increase your heart rate and keep your heart rate up for a minimum period of time, but usually at least 20 minutes several times per week.

Strength training can be considered a good method for losing fat – to a point, but cannot act alone to lose fat; that’s where cardio comes into play. Now, with strength training, you’re not only building your muscles but you’re also increasing your metabolism and helping your body burn more calories. There are many options available when it comes to over 40 strength training. If you are a beginner and do not have equipment or cannot get to a gym, you can start with bodyweight exercises which are clearly a great option when it comes to weight loss and building some muscle. Using your own body weight is also free, which I think is great and a perfect way for a beginner or anyone who’s been away from exercising for awhile to get back into a routine. We have many more Cardiovascular Workout Routine Articles Now Available.

When training, you must keep in mind that it is necessary to stretch out and warm up before you exercise. Actually, doing some light cardio such as getting on a treadmill or walking or simply doing some jumping jacks or other light physical activity will get your heart going and blood circulating, which is exactly what you need to do before doing any lifting. You must start with lifting the weights slowly and make steady movements with good form in order to prevent injury to your muscles. You must not forget breathing while exercising and drink a lot of water.

Cardio exercises are an important part of over 40 workouts. Cardio can be done after you have finished the heavy training exercises or can be done as an independent training on days you skip your strength training. These exercises help to maintain a healthy heart while at the same time acting as a great fat burner. The more intense the cardio, the more fat you’ll burn so don’t be afraid to kick it up a notch on days where you decide to only do cardio.

When you decide to do both cardio and strength training in the same workout, it is important that you do strength training first. Doing a lot of cardio before the heavier training could make you run out of steam early and make you too tired and possibly unable to get the most from your workouts. However, small cardio sessions can be used as a warm up for strength training sessions.

In order to achieve maximum results from your workout routine, you have to incorporate both strength training and cardio exercises together. We have many more Cardiovascular Workout Routine Articles Now Available.