The proof that Donald Trump, is a Racist!

In the real world, race, color creed and religion mean NOTHING! Facts are facts and in this world, its just about impossible to hide facts. From an outsider looking in, its amazing to see the stupidity of some of the american public.

I dug deep, trying to find instances to prove that Donald Trump was in fact a racist pig, who hated poor people. After lots of search, I was NOT able to find, not even 1 instance, when this man was acting like a racists. Instead I found the following reasons, why Donald Trump, is called a racists, The best arguments, that Donald Trump is a Racist, are as follows:

  • He questions whether President Obama was born in the United States.
    Ask yourself, if you wanted Trump to prove he was born in the United States, does this make you a RACIST?

  • The Justice Department sued his company — twice — for not renting to black people.
    Never proven in court, PLUS, Trump WAS NOT THE PERSON MAKING THE DECISION, if this happened IT WAS A PERSON UNDER HIM! This probably never even happened, more likely someone with their hand out crying foul! Les entertain this did happen,  Trump does NOT decide who his company rents to and who gets declined! Tha is the job of a property manager so EVEN IF this is true, that person was a bad businessman, an ignorant racist BUT IT WA NOT TRUMP PERSONALLY!! True Business men like Trump ONLY CARE IF YOUR MONEY IS REAL, NEVER concerned about your color.

  • He treats racial groups as monoliths.
    This is PROVEN to be complete NONSENSE, propaganda even insinuated by the media. Trump said NOTHING, that any candidate before and in the future would not themselves say, PLAIN AND SIMPLE!

  • He refused to condemn the white supremacists who are campaigning for him.
    NOT HIS JOB! check the background of every person supporting other campaigns and you will FIND MANY SKELETONS in everybody’s closet, just like you and me and our preacher.

  • He trashed Native Americans, too.
    Are all native amercians the same? if you think so, YOUR A RACIST! Trump’s comments were about 1 tribe, which had sold its souls to the Mafia for money! If your confused just how different tribes can be, check the tribes of Africa THAT RAGE TO THIS DAY. 
    Bottom line Trump NEVER aid anything bad about native people in general! Look in the mirror and ask yourself if your racist, before calling someone else a racist!

Lets not forget, Look in the mirror and ask yourself if your racist, before calling someone else a racist! To me the most offensive statement trump made was about whom he hires to manage his money, lets NOT FORGET WHAT YOU WOULD DO WITH YOUR MONEY, and the beauty of a free society that hiring someone who is best in their field, IS NOT RACIST!

Cheers to a world where people, especially those in power, are HELD ACCOUNTABLE for their actions and EXPECTED TO PROVIDE RESULTS!!

Trump is the ONLY candidate that can even have a chance of doing the things the public wants. I should mention though, There is another option, Hilary Clinton, I surest you learn about her and make your own choice.