The proliferation of startups in chennai

Chennai- A place where the number of screens in every theatre is increasing by the day, to fit in all movies. A place where the number of meme creators are increasing at a rapid rate. But do you know what has topped all of these and increased to an unimaginable level? Startups. 13000297_980767518710251_195506115927749
This land of forever summer, has given birth to an array of start-ups, which has been scoring high that we are completely unaware of. Over the past decade, Chennai has stood out to be extremely attractive in many ways for entrepreneurs of different industries. While multinational supergiants of the country are still working hard to swoop into the top and stay there, our little startup heroes here in Chennai are searing high in the sky already. And these startups belong to different sectors bringing in more creativity and innovation to their field of choice itself. It is even more interesting to know that most of these startups have been founded by the young population of the city who have taken the big step of venturing into such areas of the economy, turning their heads away from attractive remunerations from elsewhere. 
There have been many notable startups from Chennai that has actually stood out in the global level in recent times.

  •    Pick Your Trail: An around-the-world travel genie that has given about the idea of customised trips and travel packages to its customers. Founded by Srinath Shankar, this company has made its 3 year mark now and assures you and your trip to be safe and enjoyable.
  • A website that presents a library of books in Tamil and English that was started in 2011 by Balachandar Muruganandham. Rowing about slow and steady, this website now is an online book mart to an array of countries like USA, Denmark, Canada, Sri Lanka etc.
  •    Freshdesk: Freshdesk is a cloud-based customer support platform that was founded with the mission of enabling companies of all sizes to provide great customer service. Founded by Girish Mathrubootham, this company is the happy client of Unicef, Macmillan, Sony pictures, Honda etc.
  •    Veuon – Yes. We are the product of this affable city. Veuon is mobile job app that simplifies job search and fastens recruitment process through it’s cutting-edge GPS technology.

With such pride to take from these startups as a Chennaite, it is even a bigger pride working for these and earning the gift of experience and knowledge. Such companies have the boon of being founded by individuals who are fresh as a flower and ready to drill in their best for it. Working for these startups is now a learning experience. Shouldn’t one feel proud to work for a company that works for the economy of our country? To get placed and grow with them is one thing. But right now, to seek for them through GPS and get the best offers for yourself is another, isn’t it? 
Veuon is built and delivered keeping in mind the special requirements of start-ups in terms of money to spend and the need for a quick response time. We are happy to serve this vibrant community of entrepreneurs from Chennai.   More Information

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