The P90x Workout Routine Will Get you Fit

n you think of a workout routine, there are certain things that you want, you want to become stronger, you want your endurance to last longer, you want great flexibility, you want your joints to become improved and you want a nutrition plan so you can eat healthy, live longer and keep that weight off. Well you have probably been looking all over the internet for a workout routine that embraces all of these needs, what you need to do is check out a home fitness program called P90X, it is a ninety day challenge that will not only change your body but change the habits of your life. From the first day you will feel the effects of this routine, you will know that your body got a workout and you will feel more energized. P90X includes 12 DVD’s:

Chest and Back
Shoulders and Arms
Yoga X
X Stretch
Legs and Back
Ab Ripper X
Back and Biceps
Cardio X
Core Synergistic
Chest, Shoulders and Triceps

Each workout is designed to target a specific area, but what is so great that separates P90X from every other home workout routine out there? It uses a technique called muscle confusion, which is a technique that will change the way you look at working out. So many times whether you are in a gym or at home, your body gets used to the routine that you have chosen, resulting in a plateau affect. This is when people usually get frustrated and give up, but with P90X when your body is just about to get used to the workouts, it switches things up, targeting different areas with different moves, so that you keep your fitness routine on the incline. It also keeps you from getting bored with the same workout by changing things every few days. You will also keep from losing motivation because once you see results you will want to keep working out or pushing the “play” button on your dvd player. P90X goes above and beyond everything you have ever imagined a home fitness workout routine could go. It has a fitness guide to provide you with a consistent routine, a P90X calendar so you can keep track of your results, and a nutrition guide, so that you can eat healthy and burn fat while doing the routine. To make your P90X experience complete, you will want to get a chin-up bar, push-up stands and resistant bands, you might also want to get a plyometrics mat so you can prevent injury. If you take the time to get really serious about your fitness, you will not regret getting P90X

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