The New Chalean Extreme Workout Routine With Chalene Johnson

Why are workout routines so popular these days? Anywhere you look you will see that people are busier than ever, stuck in traffic, working over time to pay for the gas to get to work or just busy with their lives, families and friends. Time is important but there never seems to be enough of it when our lives become so busy. Where is the time to even get a workout in during the day? Time is important to everyone but we only have 24 hours in the day. Workout dvds are becoming more and more popular everyday because they allow people to free up time. Instead of driving to a near by gym, they can pop in a dvd and get their workout done. Workout dvds are becoming the future in working out at home. By following a world renowned fitness trainer like Chalene Johnson, where can you go wrong?

The newest workout coming from Chalene Johnson is called Chalean Extreme and it is promising some huge results.

1. Build more lean sexy muscles with a new cutting edge circuit training system. The 18 workouts sessions brings the muscles from flabby to fit and lean within the 90 day schedule. The circuit training system gets your muscles to a point that they will continue to burn fat even after the workout, even in your sleep.

2. Three phases to Chalean Extreme. The first 30 days is called the Burn Phase, which will push the muscles to “failure” in just 10 to 12 reps and will target correct form and effectiveness of working out.

3. The second phase of Chalean Extreme will be another 30 days long called the Push Phase. Pushing the muscles beyond their normal comfort zones and will focus on toning one body part at a time which will really build strength in those areas.

4. The third and final phase of Chalean Extreme will be the last 30 days and is called the Lean Phase. This period of time will focus on the upper body, lower body and core all at the same time to bring your entire body to the lean stage.

Chalene Johnson has done quite a few other workout dvds, such as the most recent popular Turbo Jam series. The new ChaLEAN Extreme will focus on the entire body, for a full body make over in 90 days. Sounds familiar? Well it should because its going to rival the most popular P90X workout system.

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