The Negative and Positive Aspects of Jogging For Fitness

Jogging is an exciting sport, but rather dangerous due to the high probability of injury. When one thinks of jogging, they do not think it to be dangerous. But over the long-term, it is no coincidence that many experts advise against the practice of Jogging. We believe that Jogging can be practiced safely only if combined with other sports less traumatic on the ankles and knees, but equally athletic. There are two major advantages of Jogging compared to swimming and cycling: convenience (travel time and resources needed) and calorie consumption.

Running is the only activity that does not require specific facilities. The necessary equipment is limited to a pair of running shoes and a pair of shorts. You can practice at all latitudes on virtually any weather conditions. Jogging is the activity with higher specific energy consumption and has a huge cardiovascular benefits. It is also very consistent because, in Jogging, you can not cheat.

Let us start by something less serious: Jogging is not a complete sport, and is not sufficient to really train the upper body. The arms of the runner are very thin and devoid of muscles (which would be unnecessary weight to carry). Consequently, even the joints of the upper limbs are weaker and more prone to injuries if traumatized. Moreover, the aesthetic model of Jogging is certainly not optimal, since it tends to cancel the curves in women and produce underdeveloped muscles in humans.

The most serious drawback of Jogging is without doubt the likelihood of injury, including ankle and foot injuries, knee and thigh injuries and various upper body injuries from falling. To reach a really good level of fitness through jogging, one must maximize the training intensity and volume, and body weight, that should push the engine to the maximum. For many, Jogging is merely a social scene to meet friends and talk about business or pleasure. It is taken slowly and the benefits are minimal. Take your Jogging seriously and be careful. This should ensure many benefits and much jogging for years to come.

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