The most IRRESISTIBLE 3 letter word…

The most IRRESISTIBLE 3 letter word…

You’re marketing and you need to produce results.

All your previous teachers with their years of experience tell you to do things like say the company name at least seven times in every ad.  Your experience tells you forcing the company name in places it doesn’t belong, makes an ad sound too much like an ad.

You’ve been down this road before haven’t you?

The same teacher who told you to use your company name seven times in your copy probably also advised you on the incredible power of words like “sale” and “discount”. The two most crippling words as far as building a long lasting brand goes.

This teacher is like all the ones before him. Numb to evolution and growth.

The most irresistible word in the English language has only three letters. The most powerful word is “YOU.”

“YOU” captures the reader’s attention. It puts him right in the middle of the action allowing him to experience it firsthand. (Or should I say second?)

When the reader lives in your ad he feels more compelled to take action. Besides, he’s been where you want him to go. He’s worn your watch, slid into your comfortable shoes. He’s smelled the smells and lived the adventure.

In your ads, the customer needs to already own what you are trying to sell him.  As a listener, you are inextricably engaged by the power of the imagery. By the end of the ad, ownership of the product you are selling has already been transferred.

It all begins with “YOU.”


 YOU come see!!!

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