The Mesmerizing Experience Of Mountaineering In Ladakh

India is a diverse country in terms of topography and geographical area as well. Amidst the huge plain lands, India is also home to some of the highest mountain ranges available across the world. People throng into India for once in a lifetime mountaineering experience. One such particular region to offer exclusive mountaineering activity is the Leh Ladakh region of India. This region incorporates the great Himalayan ranges. To climb these heavenly ranges are a dream come true for any mountaineer. Ladakh is a paradise of lofty peaks, snow covered mountains, and never ending ranges. These Himalayan ranges are further divided into the Karakoram, the Zangskar and the Ladakh ranges. Some of the most popular mountaineering routes falls within these ranges. One such famous route is the Stok Khangri situated within the Zangskar range. This range can be easily accessed. This range also offers a beautiful view of the massive Indus Valley and the Karakoram range itself.

Mountaineering in India is a popular sport. People are taking up mountaineering lessons and are excited to experience the thrill it delivers. The mountaineering activity in Ladakh is a never ending business. There are numerous ranges in this region to take your breath away the moment you step in this region. Some of the other renowned ranges are the Markha valley, the Suru valley and the Nun Kun range. Mountaineering in Ladakh is not certainly an easy task. It is the abode of hills and mountains itself. However, there is room for every mountaineer, be it a beginner or a professional. The wide variety of ranges differ in its terrain, topography and the location itself. Thus, one can make their choice and go for this lifetime experience. It is recommended to be cautious and stay fit in order to take up this activity. It may sound thrilling but it also has its own set of difficulties. The best time to opt for this activity in the Ladakh region is between May to October. The remaining months proves to be immensely difficult due to heavy rains and snowfall across the region.

There are numerous travel agencies that deal with a mountaineering tour in Leh Ladakh. There are many packages available at reasonable rates. The number of days may differ according to the range chosen. Few ranges are covered within a span of 3-5 days and few may take up to 8-15 days. People visit Ladakh from all over the world for experiencing the amount of adventure sport it promises to give. Apart from mountaineering, Ladakh offers terrific trekking activities, hiking activities and other such camping and rafting activities as well. Tourists are seen all through the months of May to October. It is not just a mountainous region. Ladakh has a lot more added to its beauty. The azure sky, the chilling wind, the lofty peaks, the lush green plain areas, the small village hubs, the wilderness, the woods and much more to catch your eye and give you a breathtaking experience.

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