The Life Insurance Physical – What Are They Checking For?

When you are trying to get a life insurance policy that requires a physical the insurance company is trying to determine the rate at which they should ensure you. Typically, the physical will be done by a nurse that will come to your house. The more extensive physicals will involve a number of things. But, overall if you are healthy a physical will allow you to get a more affordable insurance policy.

What Will They Test?

What they test in the life insurance physical is different for each company. In general, they want to check a few things. They will verify the weight that you entered. Being overweight will change the classification for your insurance policy. Some insurance companies are more willing to insure those that are overweight or even extremely overweight at reasonable prices. Others, are very concerned about obesity. With that in mind, they will charge a higher rate for someone that is overweight. We have many more Life Insurance Help Articles Now Available.

What Will They Ask?

They will also ask a series of questions concerning your health history. The more health history problems that you have, typically the higher the rate will be. The reason for this, is that they are trying to determine the risk value of covering you with life insurance. If you have a history of illness in your family, they need to know that. That determines whether or not they can cover you, or at what rate they need to charge to justify the coverage.

Will There Be a Blood Test?

Some will even test your blood. In doing a blood test they are trying to determine the level of various health indicators. In essence, you are getting a physical like you would at your doctor’s office. The difference, is that the results will affect your monthly premium for your life insurance policy.

Should I Worry?

In short, the life insurance physical is nothing to be worried about. However, do know that any health issues you have will impact your ability and the rate at which you will be ensured.

We have many more Life Insurance Help Articles Now Available.