The Importance of Your Site’s Alexa Rank

According to Alexa, they gather web traffic statistics from web surfers who have installed the Alexa Toolbar, or from website pages that display an Alexa Widget.

This means, that visitors to your site that do not have the Alexa Toolbar installed will not contribute to your ranking unless you address this by adding a simple to install graphical widget to your website’s sidebar, header or footer. This way, when any of your sites pages are visited a request is made to Alexa’s system to retrieve your site’s current rank and at the same time Alexa will record the request as a qualified visit to your site and your Alexa rank will be adjusted accordingly.

All Alexa ranks are based on the preceding three months traffic data collected and an average trend rank is calculated when comparing this data against all other sites contained in the Alexa database.

The trend rank of any site is calculated according to the following criteria:

1. Reach – the percentage of global internet users who visited the site.

2. Pageviews – the percent of global pageviews the website received

3. Pageviews/user – a calculation of the pageviews per visitor to the site

4. Bounce rate – the percentage of visitors to the site that closed the site after visiting only a single page.

Like it or not (and many people are highly critical of the rankings), Alexa Rankings are the most frequently used statistic to evaluate a site’s popularity and traffic. Unlike Google’s PageRank, which only evaluates specific webpage’s, Alexa Traffic Rankings apply to an entire website.

Alexa’s Traffic Rankings come as a function of what Alexa calls “reach”, as well as their calculated “page views”. Both statistics come from data supplied by users who have the Alexa Toolbar installed. Alexa indicates that over 10 Million people have downloaded their toolbar. Downloading the Alexa Toolbar has appeal since it includes a popup blocker (long before the major browsers did) as well as a search engine entry box, links to both Amazon and Alexa, and the Alexa information about a site.

After the reach (percent of users accessing the site), and page views (number of unique pages accessed by a user during one day), the Traffic Rankings are calculated and Alexa’s list of most popular sites is created. The site with the highest ranking is listed as #1, the second highest is #2 and so on. We have many more Website Traffic Help Articles Now Available on our website.ebsite.

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