The Importance of Car Accident Witnesses

Anyone who has witnessed a car accident knows how traumatic the event and accident scene can be. There are often seriously damaged cars and injured people. When witnessing a car accident, one has a moral duty to report what they saw and heard to the police. A car accident witness is an essential part getting to the truth about how the accident happened and who may be liable. The testimony of a car accident witness is crucial to any litigation and accident claim.

Often a car accident witness will provide the important and critical information about what happened prior to the accident and at the time of the accident. If there is an at-fault claim from one of the drivers involved in the accident, a witness will corroborate or refute the claim.

A driver who claims no-fault will benefit from a witness who can substantiate the claim as it will help the driver receive compensation for damage and cover them for personal injury protection. If not, a driver could end up with an enormous expense for vehicle damage repair, medical expenses, and if the injured driver sues for punitive damages.

A no-fault driver, who is accused of being at-fault, needs the testimony of a witness to prove they were not at fault for the accident so they can have their claim approved and not have to pay compensation to the other driver. As well, being found not at fault will keep one’s insurance premiums from sky rocketing.

A car accident witness can help with resolving any discrepancies about the car accident. For instance, if the police arrive at the scene after the accident and write a report saying one driver caused the accident, but are mistaken, a witness who actually saw the accident happen can correct the mistake. This can save a lot of time and money regarding litigation, increasing insurance premiums, and claim compensation. As well, there are people who will try to fake an accident in order to make a claim which is known as accident fraud. A witness to the accident can debunk the accident fraudster claim.

The accident witness can provide information right after the accident happens so it is fresh and accurate. Accident witnesses provide such valuable information as how and where the car accident took place, road and weather conditions during the time that the accident took place, the behavior of the drivers involved, and even provide pictures of the accident scene.

If a claim against another driver is contested, one must have the evidence to prove who caused the accident. Witnesses can provide the exact chronology of the event in order to help ensure the police and insurance companies know all the pertinent details of the accident.

The testimony of a witness is essential when investigating a car accident. If you witness an accident, make sure your memory is accurate and provide as much detail as you can so that the right conclusion regarding who is at-fault is made.

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