The Importance Of Building A Good Business Relationship With Your Bank

When you own a business your choice of bank is a vital decision that needs careful deliberation. Fundamentally your bank should be more than just a place to store your finances; it should make your business operations easier and your financial situation simpler to manage. In addition, your bank should be able to offer essential information, guidance and advice on all manner of business problems.

To build a fruitful relationship with your bank there are two important factors that should be present at all times; these are the integrity and services on offer. While online services are now par for the course in modern business banking, the quality of these services can vary immensely. Ultimately the reason you pay your banking charges is to reduce the time spent on administrative financial responsibilities.

Essentially important when selecting a bank to care for your business finances is how secure the institution is. Ideally you want to see an institution that has a long history of financial security and management of businesses in a variety of industry sectors. If the bank has a history of terminating relationships and contracts unexpectedly it may be worth avoiding their services.

Fees and charges are naturally a vital consideration of any business when entrusting finances to a bank. Investigating how overdraft fees and loans are calculated is obviously important, but it is also worth looking into factors such as maximum withdrawal amounts and interest rates. In addition to these considerations it is important to take note of how easy it is to contact a bank; for instance asking how many branches there are as well as what are the hours of phone and internet banking are both essential questions that must be answered. Another important question concerns the security put in place for internet banking provisions.

It is normal that when striking up a relationship with a bank they will want to see a detailed business plan. At this stage it is important for the banking staff to understand and support your aspirations. If they have a true understanding of your vision, the support they can give will be that much greater; progress naturally comes hand in hand with cooperation, having the bank on side can augment your efforts and result in progression. This support usually comes in the form of a business advice team that is on hand to deal with any problems that may arise; if however your business operates in a specific industry sector, having a team that has knowledge of this sector can be extremely useful.

The issue of specialist knowledge is contentious in many banking circles. While some major banks have the provisions to devote resources to creating departments for all manner of industry sectors, smaller banks do not. For instance, one major bank has now opened a department that is purely there to cope with the needs of the wine making industry.

In many cases the bank will be lending money to help a business start up operations. As a lender the bank will want certain sureties that the business will do all it can to succeed. This where it is vital to build a good relationship with the account manager, if they have intimate knowledge of your operations and can put a face to a name, the fact they are lending huge sums of money is a smaller pill to swallow.

Hopefully this information will supply the small business owner with the knowledge they need to find a bank that supports their needs perfectly. Remembering to always keep the bank informed of changes and being cordial at all times is essential. A good relationship with the bank will create solid financial base for any business.

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