The Hidden Dangers Of Poor Blood Circulation

The numerous dangers of poor blood circulation simply can not be overemphasized. With a host of health risks such as heart attack, stroke, and cancer it is clear that the dangers of poor circulation should not be taken lightly. Other side-effects of poor circulation like slow or inhibited healing of wounds, and prolonged recovery from illness make it that much harder to recover when the complications do occur making the dangers even more daunting.

The reason that blood circulation problems develop is due mainly to inactivity and poor diet and lifestyle choices which leads to cholesterol buildup and the smaller blood vessels closing off or becoming less efficient. A good healthy circulatory system is vitally important to maintain optimal health and wellbeing so steps should be taken to address any blood circulation problems within the body before the inevitable complications arise.

Aside from the life giving oxygen carried by the blood it also carries vital nutrients and where poor circulation exists, the cells may begin to die as a result of inadequate nutrient supply. An adequate supply of nutrients via the blood supply is also crucial to the body’s immune function, natural healing processes, general health, and to promote longevity. Blood flow restrictions can cause a range of problems for body organs and tissues and must not be ignored. The good news is that the primary causes of poor blood circulation such as cholesterol build-up within the blood vessels caused by inactivity, smoking, and poor diet can all be reversed given the appropriate lifestyle modifications.

Poor blood circulation can be even more life threatening during long periods of immobilization such as air travel where blood clots can form in the legs and dislodge to cause stroke or heart attack (known as deep vein thrombosis, DVT, or economy class syndrome). The problems that arise within the body’s organs and tissues when the blood supply is restricted or diminished due to blood circulation impairment can all lead to a reduced lifespan and lower quality of life if left unchecked.

Some common methods used for improving blood circulation are:

• Magnet energy therapy has often been used to improve blood circulation with some success.
• Warm baths can also help to stimulate the blood circulation especially when you add various oils such as Juniper oil which help to dilate the blood vessels further.
• One simple way to improve your blood circulation problems is to become more active. Physical activities such as walking, swimming, running etc will all help to improve poor blood circulation if performed regularly.
• There are also several extremely effective natural herbal supplements that can greatly improve blood circulation problems; however it is important to start getting active as a first step.

Some research indicates that cancerous cells can’t exist whenever the blood circulation flows smoothly. This further emphasizes how important it is to regularly assess if you have a blood circulation problem and take preventative action to reduce the chances of any health problems should your circulation be diminished in some way. So many aspects of our health can be attributed to the quality of our circulatory systems and the very real dangers posed by poor blood circulation simply cannot be ignored.

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Colin L Wolfenden

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