The Fat Loss Guru Diet Review

Weight watchers, Jenny Craig, Trim spa, Nutri-system, Slim fast, you’ve heard of them all and maybe even tried them, but what I’ve found is that none of these diets can work for everyone. So I went searching and I found a diet that does.Designed by “The Fat loss Guru”, Dr. Raj Banerjee, this diet actually works for everyone including diabetics. No more calorie counting, no fat, or fad diets.

I have searched all over for a Diet that is affordable, realistic, and fast, and among all the Fat loss for idiots reviews I found something different and new. From what I have seen I can say The Fat Loss Guru Diet is all of these things combined but better suited for everyone in general. There is also a vegetarian diet in the works. Contacting Dr. Banerjee is very easy as well. He replies within 24 hours of the email, and provides a phone number where you can reach him any time of the day.

Low calorie diets are dangerous. You shouldn’t be starving yourself to lose weight. Sure you will lose a few pounds the first week, but as soon as you start eating again you will gain it all back plus more. Even worse, Low calorie diets slow down your metabolism which is the opposite of what your body needs.

Low carb diets aren’t realistic and they definitely don’t work for everyone let alone even a few people. With low carb diets you end up feeling tired, depressed, and drained of all energy and you can’t even eat out at restaurants.That right there tells you already that it won’t work. Carbs aren’t bad you just have to choose the right kind, and low fat diets aren’t enough to help on their own even combined with low carb and low calorie diets. In the end you just end up hurting yourself more than helping.

All the popular diet plans like weight watchers and jenny Craig take too long and aren’t affordable for your average person. Honestly who wants to order expensive special meals and then be left to find the right foods for themselves once those special meals run out? So when it comes down to it we all want to lose the weight fast, but we also want it to be affordable and something that we can continue to do without having to reorder more meals. There are other diets out there that may be just as good and just as affordable as The Fat Loss Guru Diet generator, but thus far this is the best diet I have found , and it’s been the most convenient for my friends and I.

The Fat loss Guru diet generator generates your diet for you with foods you can buy at your local grocery store , making it both affordable and giving you an easily obtainable goal. Instead of eating less and starving yourself you should actually be eating more meals per day . You just have to eat them at the right times. Doing this will help you speed up your metabolism and burn more calories.

With this diet generator you can actually realistically lose 10 pounds every 7 days. The effect is permanent and lasting , yet you can still eat all the foods you love. You’ll have more energy and better overall health. This diet doesn’t just enable you to lose weight it gives you better overall wellness. Dr. Banerjee has created this diet to help with other conditions as well such as fibromyalgia, adrenal fatigue, Diabetes, and several others.

Fat Loss for Idiots is a great diet in itself as are jenny craig, nutrisystem, and the others named in the first paragraph, but The Fat Loss Guru diet generator is a great alternative for those who have tried fat loss for idiots and it didn’t work for them.

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