The Fastest Way to a Visible Six Pack

Summer is here and having a beach body is in high demand. If you have waited to long to get yours in shape, there is a way to rapidly increase the rate of fat loss necessary to get those abs out in public before the summer is over.

Everybody knows by now that having a visible six pack stomach is not about crunches, but instead about low body fat. But having said that, only being lean results in less than stellar abs, and will increase the time in which it takes for them to show. In other words, developed abs will show quicker than undeveloped ones with equal amounts of body fat, so why not work both sides of the equation to assist in getting your beach body.

Ab exercises need not be back breaking crunches and ineffective sit ups. More efficient ab moves can be found everywhere. The ones I recommend are planks and bridges. These are nothing more than the push up position modified to work your core area. Also, if you have access to a cable machine there are moves that you can do to take advantage of the machines ability to adjust weight loads that makes simple movements incredibly effective in building your six pack muscles. You can find detailed descriptions of all these back saving ab blasting weight lifting supplements here.

Having better developed abs is the lessor half of the equation though. Reducing body fat into the single digits as a percentage of total body weight is the real solution to getting them visible. Some would say “diet” is the key. It is, but that isn’t nearly specific enough. The real key is “the proper calorie composition and daily distribution rate” that makes it doable. Or, eating the right mix of foods in the right times of the day. You can find all the information about ” getting lean nutrition” and the effective weight lifting supplements that can help your abs develop and your fat melt away here.

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