The Experience the Most Exciting Jet Boat Ride in the World

Considered to be the world’s most exciting jet boat ride, “Shotover” happens to be the only company permitted to drive in the Shotover River. It is located in Otago region in the South island of New Zealand and the river is fast flowing along 60 kilo meters. It also known as one of the richest gold bearing rivers of the world that has a long history in gold mining.

The river is mostly popular for white water rafting and Shotover jet rides and also for its “bungy jumping” sites in the upper part of the river on Skippers Canyon. The jet boat ride is incredibly thrilling where the riders skim through rocky outcrops closely. The area where the Shotover ride operates in the river is just ten minutes away from the center of Queenstown where it flows rapidly through steep canyon walls. The river is believed to have been fixed during thousands of years by millions of tons of freezing water flowing from towards the Southern Alps.

The Jet boat used to the ride which is called “Big Reds” has been uniquely designed for Shotover River and it is specifically designed with maximum speed, strength. It is endurable for 3,500 kg containing 14 passengers and the skillful driver who takes the boat at speed of 85 mph. And the boat can spin a full circle of 360 degree in its own length. Passengers’ safety is guaranteed during the ride as the driver’s instructions are to be kept on mind. Passengers usually grip the hand rail tight while being thrilled as the boat spins at is high speed.

Also the area provides the opportunity to enhance the thrill by white water rafting. Especially the Kawarau River is a great choice with four rapids between which calmer stretches of river are also found. In Shotover River there are six rapids including “Oxenbridge Tunnel” which is 170 meters long raft in the darkness. Also Bungy jumps that let people overcome fear can be experienced at the uppermost levels as one can finally be proud of himself and have a massive dose of adrenaline at the same time.

Tourists can also find quality accommodation facilities in Queenstown hotels while having maximum excitement full of adventures in the region. Such hotels include some of the best New Zealand hotels fulfilling all customer requirements standing as the prominent hospitality services.

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