The color of expensive car insurance

Is it true that red car owners have more speeding tickets than people whose cars are colored differently? Does your insurance company set rates according to the color of your car’s body? Have colors have anything to do with the likelihood of car accident occurrence? Is the red car really fast? You have definitely heard numerous stories telling about red cars being ticketed far more often and costing more to insure than cars of any other color, even if there’s no statistical proof of such information. Because there’s no official data on that matter it’s really hard to say what color is riskier, however insurance companies and police officials state that they never link the color of the car to actual claims or tickets. Of course, the best idea is driving within speed limits regardless of your car color. Even if you have a red car, respecting the speed limits will prevent you from getting tickets. And chances of your insurance being costly are the same as the other guy driving his green SUV in the next lane. Color and character It may be irrelevant to speeding tickets and insurance rates, but what does the color red tell about you as a person? It may not affect the number of tickets you receive, but what does your car color say about your personality? Many psychologists of various schools that work with colors tend to attribute the color of red to aggressive behavior, describing people who like this color as risk-lovers and very active persons. That’s probably where the whole red car insurance story comes from – red means more risk, and more risk means higher premiums. Color and money But is this all true? Do auto insurance rates depend on what color your car is painted in? And will the rates go down if you repaint your vehicle? No, no and no! Some people tend to believe that the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) contains information on your vehicle color and when the insurance company uses your VIN to set the rates for you, they include your color into the calculations as well. In reality, there’s much more to VIN than just body color and the insurance company won’t even pay attention to this factor, being interested in production year, make, model, engine size and other more important technical data for determining your auto insurance rates. And the only way you can get higher auto insurance rates for your red car is it being a Ferrari, Lamborghini or another expensive fast car that is generally quite costly to insure regardless of body color. So if you really want to drive a red car enjoy doing it for as much as you like without worries. That is having in mind that you will be driving with respect to speed limits, less aggressively and making everything possible to avoid traffic accidents. Which applies to all car owners that want to have cheaper auto insurance regardless of what color is their car. It can be painted like zebra if you will, but if you drive safely it will still cost you less to insure the vehicle!

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