The Best Workouts for Abdominal Muscle

So many people go the gym and try to achieve the ripped abs they see in magazines. But they get confused because there are these "incredible ab workouts," that never work. It can be very tricky to choose the right workout for abdominal muscle that suits you.

To get chiseled abs you have to change your workouts every now and then, because your body adapts and stops making progress. Everything from high reps, low reps, weighted work, bodyweight work, stability ball exercises, and BOSU ball exercises work, but eventually your body adapts and needs a new reason to change.

If you are a relative beginner then start doing stable floor work with your body weight. And then move on to a more unstable surface.If you use the Swiss ball for example, which is an unstable surface, then you work those really deep muscles that stable floor work can not target. But you should start with stable floor work first, if you are just starting out.

For example you can start with simple sit-ups, leg-raises, crunches on a stable floor. Then do these same exercises against gravity, then a load and then on unstable surface like a stability ball. That way you make constant progress and you and your abs don´t get bored. Also be a little bit careful with sit-ups and crunches, if you do stable floor work, because they can cause lower back pain.

To get abs that really pop out you have to do a lot of different exercises and do them with the right technique. I see so many people doing sit-ups with inertia and they slam their body to the ground and then pop up, it is painful to watch. Do your exercises slowly and maintain control.

But working out in the gym and training your abs is only a small part. Diet, lifestyle and overall caloric expenditure through weight training and cardio are the true building blocks to creating a sexy and desired mid section.

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