The Best Skincare Products Make Your Face Glow – What’s in Them?

No other part of your body gets looked at more than your face. People can tell your emotions by looking at your face. And they judge how attractive you are by your face.

You can cover up your body with clothes. But your face is naked to the world. All you can do is smile and show off your radiant skin. When you’re young, your skin looks good without you having to do anything. But with age, it takes work to keep it healthy.

However, you won’t find the best skincare products in the usual places. They’re not in drugstores. Not in high-end department stores either. The facial creams you’ll find there often contain harmful ingredients.

Which ingredients cause harm?

Well, one that’s widely used (because it’s cheap) in the skincare industry is mineral oil. Studies done by consumer advocate groups have proven this ingredient ineffective as a moisturizer. In fact, it has been shown to clog pores to the point of suffocating skin.

Mineral oil may also be listed as liquid paraffin, paraffin wax, or petrolatum.

Other ingredients that you may not expect to be toxic are fragrances. The best skincare products don’t contain fragrances. Many chemicals used to create fragrances are known toxins or carcinogens.

It’s safe to use perfumes and colognes; you’re only dabbing it on. But with a skin cream, you’re rubbing it all over your face. Your exposure to these dangerous chemicals is much greater.

It’s shocking but a majority of brand name skin care creams contain these two ingredients. And those aren’t the only bad ones. For the companies that make them, it seems that marketing is more important than developing a safe, effective product.

The best skin creams contain only natural ingredients.


Avocado oil – stimulates collagen production in the body which is needed to prevent wrinkles.

Shea butter – soothes inflammation, lightens dark spots, and gives skin a velvet-y feel.

Babassu – natural wax that helps skin retain moisture and keep out dirt.

By closely reading the label, you’ll be able to determine the quality and safety of the product for yourself. Stick to pure ingredients and your skin will glow.

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