The Best Reasons to Visit Barcelona, Spain

The artistic heart of Spain and home to some of the greatest pioneering artists of the world, Barcelona welcomes you to its eclectic array of artistic displays, museums, churches, monuments, reflecting the remnants of Roman rule. Yet amidst all this medieval Mediterranean culture, lies the other part of Barcelona – the modern, sassy lifestyle spruced-up with its bohemian spirit. A visit to the city will not only reveal awe-inspiring works of art, but also bewitching beaches for some perfect laid-back experience. Look at Barcelona’s range of sites to delve into on your trip to this Spanish city.

La Sagrada Familia

An incomplete, unconsummated endeavor by Spain’s famous artist Antoni Gaudi, the La Sagrada Familia, though in the stage of refurbishment and construction, yet presents one of the most spectacular sites of Barcelona. The very sight of the rudimentary spires towering high up at the backdrop of the Barcelona sky and carved in emulation of the Montserrat Mountain, conjures feelings of wonder and awe. Officially named as Templo Expiatorio de La Sagrada Familia, the first brick of the church was laid in 1882 as an endeavor of Antoni Gaudi. The sudden demise of the founder left the church incomplete and construction works going on at present would continue up to 2026 or a little more. The interiors are done up in intricate artistry taking to the original founder’s master styles, with almost four towers reaching completion. We have many More Barcelona Vacation¬†Information, Travel Review and Attractions Articles Now Available.

La Ramblas

For those who wish to catch glimpses of this fascinating city through its pedestrian streets, which form the very soul of the country, the La Ramblas is a delightful experience to undergo. Linked and cleaved together in a single chain, this syndicate of streets decked up with lush green trees form beautiful avenues for strolling along. However, the streets are not a picture of tranquility, as a little way ahead you will come across one market after the other, jostled by other pedestrians and street sellers dealing in a variety of wares.

Bird lovers can get the thrill of their life at the kaleidoscopic Bird Market, while art enthusiasts cannot resist adore the piece of grandeur, the Palau de la Virreina. The latter is a palatial mansion of the 18th century carved in the French Rococo architectural style and possessing a fine repertoire of artwork in its premises. A number of striking zones line the La Ramblas apart from these. Whether it is the vibrant Mercat de la Boqueria or the marvelous Mosaic de Miro, the ostentatious opera house Gran Teatre del Liceu or colossal Monument of Colom, there is not a single site to be missed. The spirited ambience teeming with lively passers-by and strollers like you, make the walk even more enthralling.

Gothic Quarters

The Barri Gothic or the Gothic Quarters constitute the very crux of Barcelona’s old city and is a conglomeration of Gothic edifices, museums, plazas, churches and markets reverberating the Roman times. Meandering streets that are relatively dark, medieval edifices including the striking cathedral conjure up cryptic images of the Roman reigns. The place, which was developed around the Roman establishment of Barcino finely upholds the Roman mettle that you can witness in the array of house remnants and Roman Walls as well as in the Museo de Historia de la Ciutat. Catch sight of the folk dance of sardana that takes place once a week at the central Gothic Quarters, the PlacaBarcelona de Sant Jaume.

The Magic Fountain

Another stunning site of interest of Barcelona lies in the Magic Fountain, a glimmering sight of lights, soulful music, and water fountains that dance to the tunes.


Dig into the hilly terrain of Montjuic that overlooks the southern part of the city and renders a panoramic view. Yet amidst all the natural regalia, the hill houses some of the finest art galleries, sprawling parks, as well as sites for 1992 Olympics. The Poble Espanyol is another significant landmark in this region that constituted the site for the World Exhibition of 1929 and is famous for its magnificent Spanish architectural decorations. Other important edifices in Montjic embrace the works of Parc Joan Miro, the National d ‘Art de Catalunya museum, the La Font M and the likes.

The vast collection of Barcelona sites does not end with these handful of attractions and there are many more to explore such as the Barcelona Zoo, Park Guell, the Barcelona Museum and Stadium and La Pedrera. We have many More Barcelona Vacation Information, Travel Review and Attractions Articles Now Available.