The Best Ab Workouts For Every Level of Athleticism

Ab workouts can be some of the most challenging exercises of a regular training regime. They can also be the most fun – especially if you’re utilizing modern moves which are designed to achieve total-body sculpting in less time. No matter what your level of fitness or athleticism is, there are powerful abdominal exercises you can do, which will help you get those six-pack abs showing themselves in short order!

Ab Workouts for the Beginner

The core muscles are some of the most important muscles in the body to keep strengthened and toned. As a beginner, it may be more important for you to focus on total-body core workouts than to target the abs alone. However, the following three exercises will provide an excellent foundation for your overall abdominal training goals, and when done properly, you will feel the results immediately.

The first abdominal exercise you should try is called plank. Rest your body weight on your elbows and toes, keeping your abs tightened and your back straight. After holding this pose for at least 20 seconds, shift to side-plank and hold similarly. Another great beginner ab exercise is called the “crocodile walk.” To do this move, assume push-up position and crawl forward with alternating arms and legs. Again, keep your back straight and your abs tight. 
Ab Workouts for the Intermediate Trainee

As you slowly begin to build strength in your core, you’ll want to continue to increase the challenge of your abdominal workouts in order to continue seeing results. A simple method of increasing the challenge of your ab training is the introduction of a stability ball. You’ll discover that doing a plank or jackknife on a stability ball vastly increases the difficultly of the ab workout, but accelerates your results as well!Ab Workouts for the Advanced Athlete

As an advanced athlete, you’ve already built up considerable core and abdominal strength. To continue seeing results, you’re going to need to up the ante. Try moves like the hanging leg raise, the hanging leg pike, or the mountain climber with your feet on a stability ball to keep your abdominal workouts challenging.

For added diversity and total-body sculpting, consider adding sandbag exercises like sandbag cyclones, one-armed shouldering, and sandbag “atlas pulls” to sculpt your abs on the frontal, transverse and sagittal planes of movement.

No matter what your level of fitness is, you can begin building your six-pack dream body today. When you combine these and other powerful ab workouts with high intensity interval training and the proper nutrition, you quickly discover levels of fitness and strength you may have never dreamed were possible. Armed with the proper moves and motivation, there’s not a fat cell in your body which stands a chance!

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