The Atlantis Bahamas Resort

One of the Bahamas’ most raved-about features is it Atlantis Bahamas resort. The beautiful resort has lagoons, waterfalls, the most exciting casino in the whole Caribbean, and the world’s biggest habitat for sea creatures. With the underwater ruins of the real life city Atlantis, and a $15 million marina, the resort astonishes visitors time after time.

Atlantis features three distinct areas to stay in at its resort: the Coral, Beach, and Royal Towers. All are amazing in their own way, but the Royal Towers are the newest and therefore most enjoyable at the resort. Atlantis’ water park area, the Mayan Temple Slides, are sure to be a hit no matter where you spend your nights sleeping. Attractions for the family-favorite include the near 60-foot in the Leap of Faith, and the race in The Challengers, are well as others. We have many More Atlantis, Bahamas¬†Information, Travel Review and Attractions Articles Now Available.

The quarter-mile Lazy River Ride is another activity that visitors appreciate. Visitors experience first-hand what it’s like to swim with exotic fish in the specially-designated area for snorkeling in Paradise Lagoon, just one of the Atlantis resort’s 11 swimming pools. The types of marine life visitors might see vary widely, as there are over 150 species of different animals living in the resort.

For those not interested in swimming, dining and shopping are available in the Marina Village. The setting is that of a typical Bahamian village, making it feel more like you’re in an actual city rather than just at a resort. Twenty-four hour entertainment is available through the Atlantis Paradise Island Resort and Casino in Nassau, Paradise Island. It’s got 931 slot machines and 78 tables, enough for more hours of playtime than you’ll have to use up.

The Atlantis resort has over 2,000 rooms, with a high rise and maximum capacity of 4 adults and 3 children. The shortest available stay lengths are 6 nights. Stationed only 20 minutes away from the closest beachfront, as well as 15 miles from the airport, the resort’s location is definitely a commodious one. Entire families can enjoy a stay at the resort thanks to activities, such as camping trips, made specially for children. No matter who is going, Atlantis Bahamas Resort will be a memorable experience for all. We have many More Atlantis, Bahamas¬†Information, Travel Review and Attractions Articles Now Available.