The Antitumor Effect of Omega 3 Fish Oil Supplements on Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is a very real health hazard for men. About sixteen percent of all men in the USA will be affected by prostate cancer during their life, that is one man out of every six. Of those affected by cancer of the prostate about seventeen percent will die of this disease, that is one out of every thirty five men in the USA.

Scientific studies have shown that men who consume fish or use fish oil supplements can reduce these percentages and improve their health outlook. They can reduce the possibility of prostate cancer and where cancer of the prostate is diagnosed they can reduce the growth of tumors and extend their life expectancy by eating fish regularly or using Omega 3 rich fish oil supplements. A reduction of the occurrence of cancer of the prostate and metastatic prostate cancer was associated with eating more fish or using fish oil supplements.

The potential incidence of prostate cancer is related to several factors including:

  • Age – Cancer of the prostate generally occurs in men over sixty years of age.
  • Men who have inherited a variant of the COX-2 gene that makes them more likely to contact cancer of the prostate
  • Obesity – Overweight is a definite factor affecting the occurrence of cancer of the prostate
  • African American are more likely to contract prostate cancer than other groups

In the study referred to over forty seven thousand men were studied. Using a validated food frequency questionnaire their dietary intake was studied. The study then followed up for a further twelve years. During this time about five percent of the men were diagnosed with prostate cancer. Over twenty four percent of these cases were advanced cancer of the prostate including eleven percent who had metastatic prostate cancer.

The most encouraging part of this study was that men who ate oily fish more than three times a week had a significant reduction in the occurrence of cancer of the prostate and the greatest reduction in metastatic cancer. Each increase of the daily intake by half a gram of marine fatty acid was related with a twenty four percent decrease in the risk of metastatic cancer.

Other studies on laboratory mice have also shown definite beneficial relationships between the intake of Omega 3 fatty acids from fish oil and the reduction of the risk of prostate cancer.

Fatty or oily fish such as salmon, tuna and sardines are rich in the Omega 3 fatty acids EPA and DHA. These fatty acids are essential for the good health of the human body but cannot be manufactured by the body.

They must be provided from the diet. Fish are the most common source of these Omega 3 fats. Their benefit for men in the fight against prostate cancer is clear.

Including more fish or Omega 3 fish oil supplements in the diet can be a long term program against the effects of prostate cancer. Where fish are not freely available or where there is no desire to eat more fish then an Omega 3 fish oil supplement in capsule form can provide the Omega 3 fats required for good prostate health. Omega 3 fish oil supplements also have demonstrated health benefits for heart and the nervous system.

Keep your prostate in good health by taking an Omega 3 fish oil supplement regularly. Such a program is not a quick fix but a long term investment in good health.

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