The 5 Best Jelqing Routines To Get Your Penis Bigger

Jelqing is the exercise which guys have been doing in order to increase penis size. There are dozens upon dozens of ways to jelq. Here are the 5 most effective jelqing routines today:

1. Standard Jelqing. Yes, one of the best jelqing routines is actually the straight up, old school, standard jelqing. This has been the backbone of just about every solid jelqing program, so one can’t ignore how effective it has been throughout the years. A standard routine is also the closest to how original jelqing started, supposedly hundreds of years ago with tribes. Let’s go over a standard routine:

  • Penis is lubricated and semi-erect.
  • Thumb and forefinger are joined, creating a circle which is wrapped around the base of the penis.
  • Forward, slow and controlled motion of about 2-4 seconds.
  • Grip is relased right before the head.
  • Same thing with the other hand, and then repetitions are repeated alternating hands for several minutes.

2. Jelqs and Stretches. This is a very popular way to perform enlargement exercises. It is basically standard jelqing with stretching specific exercises performed either in between jelqs, or, as is more standard, performed as a “closer exercise” after your standards are completed. Stretches work for giving you that extra boost for increased length gains. Here’s how jelqs and stretches are put together in a routine:

  • Standard jelqing as described above is performed.
  • Rest for a moment and then begin stretches by gently out-stretching the penis.
  • This stretched out position is held for a few seconds, then released.
  • Repeat the stretch and hold again, and continue for a number of repetitions.

3. Shower Jelqing. This is considered one of the best jelq routines, for a few reasons. First it is the one routine that most guys stick with due to it’s convenience factor. Most men fail with jelqing because of the unusual nature of doing the exercise. You don’t go to a gym, or down your basement or garage to workout. You have to find a very private space where you won’t be disturbed for several minutes. Most guys will try a few different arrangements, but never get into a set routine, which is key for making this enlargement exercise really work.

The shower is an ideal place for doing jelqs. It’s private and it’s already part of a routine that you do anyway. The other reason it’s very effective is that it warms your penis up much faster, if you direct the warm water towards the penis at the beginning of the exercise. After you finish with your jelqs, you can once again direct warm water down there which relaxes the penis and prepares it for rest, recovery, and growth.

4. Reverse Jelqs. This is a great exercise which focuses on girth gains. Many guys have been turning to jelqing specifically to gain thickness in their size. Women are much more concerned about girth than length, according to many reports asking them “does penis size matter?” Reverse jelqs work on building up girth size. Here’s how they are usually performed:

  • Instead of the standard “semi-erection” to start, usually around 40-60{7bd3c7ad8bdfca6261de5ca927cd789e17dbb7ab504f10fcfc6fb045f62ae8d5}, reverse jelqing has the penis at a slightly higher erection start size, around 60-70{7bd3c7ad8bdfca6261de5ca927cd789e17dbb7ab504f10fcfc6fb045f62ae8d5}.
  • The same motion forward is initiated, but just before the head, instead of releasing, the hand motion is then reversed back to the base.
  • This is then repeated for a certain number of sets and reps.
  • Sometimes different grips, such as the “V-grip”, are used when performing reverse jelqs.

5. Jelqing plus Supplementation. The latest jelqing routines have been combining both standard jelqing and stretching, with supplementation. There are generally two types of supplementation used with a jelq program.

  • Herbal based pills which increase blood flow. These are pills that promote increased blood flow to the penis. They are usually marketed towards harder and stronger erections, but for guys having trouble staying erect throughout a full jelq routine, these pills can help keep you in that steady semi-erect state.
  • Natural testosterone and/or growth hormone supplements. The combination of all natural test boosters or growth hormone supplements, alongside performing jelqing exercises, has been seen to improve growth and deliver faster results. This has been the latest trend when performing enlargement exercises.

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