The 12 Top Makeup Tips For Teenagers

When children reach a certain age, they are likely to experiment with cosmetics and wish to be more beautiful just like the adults in their families. So, for their benefit, here are some makeup tips for teenagers that they would surely learn from.

What the Youngsters ought to Know with Makeup Tips for Teenagers

Since most of today’s teens get the thrill and excitement out of their experiments especially in line with beautifying themselves, they can typically be misled to use the incorrect makeup. They often prefer to be into the trend and be chic at all times. Yet, little do they know that without the proper knowledge, they can be led into a serious trouble. Below are the significant makeup tips for teenagers to follow.

The first makeup tip for teenagers is meant to let them realize that the more natural and lighter their cosmetic is, the better it is going to be for them. They should not rush into making themselves look older than their real ages. They are young so their skin’s natural glow must be maintained. Hence, the subtle, gentle, and safe cosmetic products ought to be utilized.

The natural skin tone needs to be considered when selecting the color to be used. Among the hues that can commonly boost up their beauty include brown, pink, coral, and gray.

The skin flaws can be covered up through the use of the concealing cream or concealing pencil. However, it should perfectly match the skin tone. The skin’s dark circles, scars, acnes, and other imperfections can be made invisible with the natural looking concealer.

Another important make up tip for teenagers is the employment of the black or brown mascara to further emphasize the black eyelashes.

The soft pink shade of blush is best for the cool skin undertone whereas the peach shade of blush works better for the warm skin undertone. Using a cotton ball can blend them well.

The eyes must be applied with the right eye makeup that would make them glow and shine. There are a lot of light eye shadow or eye pencil shades that can enliven the eyes.

When in doubt or at a loss, it is going to be best to consult and seek the help of the beauty experts from the salon or read fashion magazines for more makeup tips for teenagers.

Apply it Like a Pro

As neophytes, they don’t know much about the use of the cosmetic products. Hence, these makeup tips for teenagers are going to work and help them out apply the product like a professional.

Step 1. Use a cleansing and hydrating cream or lotion that is free from oil components onto the face and neck. Its role is to better hydrate the area so that the makeup would stick on really well.

Step 2. Using the forefinger, apply a small quantity of foundation on the forehead, the nose, the cheeks, the hairline, jaw line, and the neck.

Step 3. Apply little concealer around the area of the eyes and then smudge it carefully.

Step 4. Using a bigger brush, apply a little amount of powder under the eyes to smudge the concealer. Leave it for a while and do some retouching after the application of the eye shadow.

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